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HOKAMIX 30 Snack

Product description

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Product description

Tried & tested Hokamix herb mix for dogs, tasty snacks with delicious chicken, particularly for picky dogs, for healthy skin, shiny fur and a boosted metabolism
The tried and tested Hokamix Powder recipe in a healthy snack form. Hokamix Snacks are specially developed for picky dogs who don't appreciate the smell and taste of Hokamix powder. Like the powder, these treats are 100% natural, with no artificial flavourings or additives.

Hokamix Snacks are made with chicken meat, undergoing an extremely sophisticated and painstaking production process. This ensures high acceptance rates, making the snacks ideal as a small reward which can be given at will, even when feeding dry food or when travelling.

Hokamix is a natural dietary supplement made from selected herbs. The herbs contain natural minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, and phytonutrients that help to boost your dog's metabolism and promotes skin and coat health.

The benefits of Hokamix Snack at a glance:

  • Optimises the metabolism
  • Balances out dietary deficiencies
  • Support all your pet's organs
  • For glossy, healthy fur
  • For power and agility
Hokamik Snacks contain fresh chicken for improved acceptance. The 2 cm wide diameter makes these snacks particularly suitable for larger dogs.

To avoid reducing the value of the herbs, Hokamix Snack should never be stored in a temperature exceeding 35 °C. Therefore, the herbs should not come into contact with hot water. Store in a cool, dry place.


Meat & meat by-products (chicken), alfalfa, vegetables (nettles), calamus, seeds (aniseed, linseed), lady's mantle, goldenrod, horsetail, St. John's Wort, lungwort, yarrow, spices (cayenne pepper, rosemary), pansy, seaweed.

No additives, according to the manufacturer.

Analytical constituents

protein 22.5 %
fat 7.3 %
fibre 7.0 %
ash 5.4 %
moisture 9.8 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:
Hokamix Snacks are a supplementary feed for dogs.

Medium-sized dogs, up to 30kg: 3 snacks per day.
Dogs weighing more than 30kg: 4-5 snacks per day.

Start by feeding your dog small amounts. An unintentional overdose is not dangerous.

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