thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats

: 5/5
These delicious duck treats are additive free. Made from 100% duck, they come in small pieces for easier feeding and are a great training treat. They can also be offered as a snack....further information
Product description
thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats
thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats
thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats
thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats
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Product description

These delicious duck treats are additive free. Made from 100% duck, they come in small pieces for easier feeding and are a great training treat. They can also be offered as a snack.

thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats are tasty treats for your dog and the perfect reward when training. They are also very healthy since they are made entirely from pure and fresh duck. Nothing else. No additives, colours or preservatives, only duck.

the duck fillet is gently air dried which preserves the nutrients and minerals and intensifies the flavour. Your dog will adore these these delicious duck delicacies.

thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats come in a practical re-sealable tube. The small pieces of duck are the perfect size for when you are out and about and they also make ideal rewards for good behaviour.

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


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100% duck meat.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
According to the manufacturer this product contains no additives.

Analytical constituents

protein58.0 %
fat2.0 %
fibre1.0 %
ash5.5 %
moisture18.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
thrive ProReward Duck Dog Treats are a supplementary food for dogs.
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Treats per day
Extra large

Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.


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: 5/5
Stimulating for Working Cocker
Definitely recommend this! Our Working Cocker Spaniel loves this interactive food game. The button can be placed in another room and she finds it and then runs for the food dispenser, on and on. Great design, does sometimes drop out too many biscuits (ie the game finishes more quickly)
Originally published in
: 5/5
Excellent treat for sensitive stomachs
My boxer has an incredibly sensitive stomach, I'm often wary of what to give him for a change in case I upset his stomach. These are fabulous and big decent size treats as well. He loves them and as soon as he sees the carton he does a crazy dance as he knows what he's getting. Will be ordering more and trying the different flavours.
: 4/5
Great fun
This arrived yesterday and we had much excitement from our Dalamatian pup as we set it up. Didn't even have to show him how to use it - he had it completely sussed within seconds and it was very quickly emptied! He's just 12 weeks old so not sure how long this will keep him entertained for.
: 5/5
Great Toy
My cocker spaniel loves this , I could see her working it out. Only took 15mins . She now gets her meals via this toy. Only drawback releases too many treats or none , hard to regulate. Very good mental work out.
: 5/5
The best 'toy' ever!
Bought this for our Springer spaniel X Labrador as a Christmas present & she absolutely loves it. She'd already learned the 'tag' command so figured it out far too quickly. Last week she got a bad cut on her leg & was told to only walk on a lead for 10 days, this frustrated her immensely, as she normally gets two 1 1/2 hour exercise each day. Today I brought it out again & she was absolutely over the moon to be allowed the opportunity to do a bit of running again. I would totally recommend it!
Originally published in
07/03/17|Sue Emery
: 5/5
Fantastic activity
Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation with many breeds and this memory trainer keeps my dogs on their toes. Can't wait till the weather gets better and I can start putting the button much further away from the dispenser in the garden.
Originally published in
09/02/17|Elizabeth Graham
: 4/5
Great product
I bought this for my Sheltie, mainly to utilise for agility training as it provides a reward at a distance without me being present to help with working independently and drive. It was particularly useful for teaching weaves as I found she was looking at my hands for the reward all the time rather than driving forward. Negatives for me are that sometime too much kibble is released or none at all and button can be quite sensitive when you're running but overall great value.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Gets a lazy spaniel moving
My cocker spaniel loves it. After nearly twice daily use for a year the original one stopped communicating between button and main unit. I didn't hesitate to get another. She can be a bit lazy so sometimes needs cheering on from the sidelines! I would definitely recommend it.
30/01/17|Philippa Thompson
: 5/5
Fantastic fun
I bought this for my GSP for Christmas and to say he loves it is an understatement! He begs me daily to play with it. I put one of his meals in it and he works hard for it. Not had any problems, and even with a super enthusiastic GSP pushing the button still going strong. Dread the day it stops working, I'll be forced to buy another. Best purchase in a while
Originally published in
01/01/17|zach brown
: 5/5
Great interactive toy
This is well worth the money, the button have two different sound settings and you can adjust the size of the hole in the treat dispenser to accommodate larger sized treats.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Fantastic boredom buster for all dogs
Bought after reading the reviews but was concerned may be a little too advanced for my 6 month old boxer puppy.......he loves it!!!. He has already been taught the 'touch' command, so just showed him the button and said touch and after the 3rd go he figured out what he had to do. I'm using his dry food from his food allowance plus a few of his broken up treats as a 'jackpot' reward, and now we move the button, hide it and it's fantastic mental stimulation. His tail starts wagging as soon as he sees it it is a very high quality, well thought out item, a light on the button would be the only thing to improve it further.
Originally published in
: 5/5
this is the dream of every labrador
it took our labrador girl 15 minutes to figure it out. now she uses it like a kibble ATM. she runs around the house looking for the button, pushes, waits to hear the sound of kibble coming out, then rushes to the dispenser. she adores it. we have a great time laughing as we watch.
Originally published in
: 5/5
love these
Our dogs loved these the ingredients is just chicken nothing else its the only treat my dogs would do any trick for, although you don't get a lot for the money, i like to cute them up into small chunks to last them longer
: 5/5
Best buy
My twelve week old Tibetan Terrier loves the thrive liver. He expects one every time he sits or wees outside! I just have to shake and rattle the container and he comes running. Magic! I also sometimes crumble one of the bigger pieces over his normal food - picky eater!
: 4/5
Memory Trainer with Boxers
Bought to amuse two Boxer dogs when it's two wet outside to have a run around the Garden. In general it works well, we use some of their daily kibble allowance in it rather than buying extra treats , that way we know how much they eat a day and can control their weight. I was doubtful how long the button would last with a Boxer as they tend to get over excited about pushing a button :) but so far so good. Could have been five stars if the button had a light option in it for a deaf dog
: 5/5
Entertaining for both the dog and us.
Before we got the memory trainer, our Border Collie pup thought she was part Labrador when it came to meal times. You put her food down and it will be gone a little after removing your hand. Now that we have the memory trainer she gets part of her dinner in a bowl and the rest goes into the machine, mealtimes take a bit longer now and she has fun at the same time. when she was 14 weeks old, at first she would not go anywhere near the touch sensor, she is wary of sounds, but a bit of coaxing and the cat enjoying himself touching the sensor and getting dog food (his favorite) was just too much for her. After that it took 2 minutes to work it out and she was off, touch and eat. Now the sensor is at one end of the room and the dispenser at the other. She runs back and forth between them and is always disappointed when the food has gone. She did have the advantage of being trained to touch which helped her figure it out.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Amazing treats
I first bough these because they are my vet's treats of choice. They are 100% natural and while my dog loves all treats, I have noticed that these do not dehydrate him nearly as much as some of the other brands. My only wish is that these came in the larger containers that the vet gets ...
Originally published in
: 5/5
Recall works with these
My young dogs love these treats. They are small and don't crumble too much so I can keep them in my dog walking bag. Another good thing about them is that they don't make my hands smell.
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