Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb
Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb
Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb
Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb
Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb
Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb

Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb

Grain-free dry food for small to medium breed dogs, with a high meat content and nutrient-rich vegetables, with essential fatty acids from salmon oil, enriched with prebiotics and probiotics....further information
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Fantastic Product: "Our four labradoodles love this food. They love the taste, and I love that it's good for them, high in protein and grain free. I always check on prices and have found Zooplus to be...

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Product description

Grain-free dry food for small to medium breed dogs, with a high meat content and nutrient-rich vegetables, with essential fatty acids from salmon oil, enriched with prebiotics and probiotics.

Plenty of meat, tasty vegetables and aromatic herbs - this Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb is the ideal meal for your dog! The dry food provides your dog with high-quality protein and all the nutrients needed for an active canine life.
To support your dog's bodily immunity, this Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb contains beneficial vitamin E. It also contains essential omega fatty acids from salmon oil, which can help to support healthy skin and a glossy coat. The grain-free recipe make this dish easy to digest and makes it suitable for more sensitive dogs.

Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb at a glance:
  • Complete dry food for small to medium breed adult dogs
  • 80% animal protein: high-quality protein from tasty chicken and lamb, to support muscles
  • Without grains: easy to digest
  • Vegetables and herbs: aromatic and nutritious
  • Natural DHA and EPA: DHA can help maintain healthy vision and brain function, EPA and DHA contribute to healthy heart function
  • High-quality salmon oil: source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, to support skin and coat
  • Bodily immunity: vitamin E can help to protect cells against oxidative stress
  • Natural heart function: contains beneficial amino acid taurine
  • Pro- and prebiotics: with beneficial gut bacteria, to help contribute to natural intestinal flora, with plant fibres for optimum digestion
  • Natural ingredients: high quality
  • Complete recipe: with all essential nutrients
  • With brewer's yeast-, cranberry- and rosemary extract as well as beta glucan
  • Tailored kibble size: designed for the jaws of small and medium breed dogs
  • Offers natural glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives


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Chicken (61%, from dried chicken meat), chicken mince (10.5%), potato starch (6%), dried peas (8%), lamb (5%, from dried lamb meat), poultry oil (2.5%, source of omega-6 fatty acids), beet pulp, poultry sauce, whole egg (from dried eggs), cellulose plant fibre, minerals, vitamins, salmon oil [omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA], dried tomato, dried carrot, chicory extract, alfalfa meal, algae/kelp, yeast extract (min. 0.1% purified beta glucan), glucosamine, dimethyl sulphate, chondroitin, carrot, peppermint, paprika powder, turmeric, thyme extract, citrus extract, taurine (1000mg/kg), yucca extract, cranberries, fennel extract, carob bean extract, ginger, rosehip extract, dandelion extract, rosemary oil extract, oregano.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A [retinyl acetate] (19,000 IU), vitamin D3 [cholecalciferol] (2000 IU), vitamin E [alpha tocopherol acetate] (640mg), sodium selenite (0.33mg), calcium iodate anhydrous (3.26mg), ferrous sulphate monohydrate (233mg), cupric sulphate pentahydrate (40mg), manganous sulphate monohydrate (94mg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (444mg).
Technological additives:
Natural antioxidants: mixed tocopherols.
Zootechnical additives:
To stabilise gut flora: E1705 Enterococcus Faecium cernelle 68 [SF68; NCIMB 10415] (1,000,000 KbE).

Analytical constituents

protein38.0 %
fat20.0 %
fibre4.5 %
ash8.5 %
carbohydrates23.5 %
calcium1.8 %
phosphorus1.33 %
taurine1000.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Applaws Adult Small & Medium Breed - Chicken with Lamb is a complete food for dogs.

Dog's weight Daily serving (g)
2.5 - 12 kg 45 - 155
12 - 25 kg 155 - 260

Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.


Latest user reviews

28/07/17 | Jacqueline Gaffney
: 3/5

Not as good for us as the chicken applaws

My dogs are all enjoying the chicken applaws food and doing very well on it. I decided a change of flavour might be nice for them but I am disappointed with this. The kibble is much bigger than the other flavour which I hadn't expected. One of my rescue dogs has recently had to have all of his teeth removed and can't manage the new size. I am now going to have to order another bag of the other flavour just for him 🙄 Also there were some other biscuits (very few) mixed in with this that don't look like they belong there so have possibly been mixed up with another food?! I will be sticking to the chicken applaws in future for my dogs!
Originally published in
: 3/5

Loyal applies customer now disappointed 😠

My dogs have been having this for a few years all was well until they changed the sizes of the bags since then every time o buy it takes at least 2 weeks for my dogs to adjust dispite it supposing to be the same have spoke to the manufacturers twice because of concerns but this time the 15 kilo bag I've opened has food it shouldn't have mixed with will not buy any again
05/02/17 | Lesley
: 5/5

Fantastic Product

Our four labradoodles love this food. They love the taste, and I love that it's good for them, high in protein and grain free. I always check on prices and have found Zooplus to be the most competitive and with great delivery times and customer service. I definitely recommend!
Originally published in
04/01/17 | Jeremy
: 5/5

Whippet Gourmet

My Whippet Ludo is a huge fan of this food and the Applaws toppers for treats. He has now been using it for the past two months and looking super healthy and fit
Originally published in
10/08/16 | Karen Bedford
: 5/5

Does what it says on the packet ,

This food has to be one of the best foods on the market ..I used to feed my brood on a raw diet ,but due to personal problems I had to switch my dogs onto kibble ,I am very passionate what goes into my dogs ..I have read many ingredients in some dried foods and they are scary and unnameable!!! If i can not pronounce a ingredient I would never give it to my brood .This food smells very meaty and not artificial like some others ..Give it a go your dog with thank you for it ...
Originally published in
15/10/15 | Adele
: 5/5

Top quality food

I cannot recommend this food highly enough. My Golden Retriever suffered from sporadic seizures since she was six months old (she's now almost 9). The vet could not pinpoint why. After a lot of research, I decided three years ago to completely change her diet to Applaws & a small amount of fresh meat. She has not had another seizure since - I can only assume her previous food contained something artificial that did not agree with her. Both my dogs love this food & eat with gusto. I buy two 7.5kg bags at a time so save a little money, the quality of the food is well worth it. Zooplus have been excellent - I recently received a bag that had split in transit. They replaced this with no quibble. Excellent service from zooplus.
Originally published in
23/10/14 | vaughan
: 5/5

fabulous food

after feeding our three border collies on various food we found applaws! It is wonderful all three enjoy it and we know that it is made without unwanted additives and derivatives the dogs are happy and we are happy!
Originally published in
18/10/14 | Adele
: 5/5

Fabulous well priced food

I ordered a small bag of Applaws expecting one of my dogs to turn their noses up as they have so often done with dry food & believe me I have tried them all. Imagine my astonishment when both girls (Golden Retriever & Chihuhua) tucked in with relish. I immediately ordered a 12.5kg sack which two weeks in is 1/3 empty. I am so pleased they enjoy this food as I like the company ethos & quality. Two satisfied dogs & one very happy owner :-)
Originally published in
20/09/14 | Paul Allen
: 5/5

Great Product!

My German Shepherd suffers with bad digestion. This food is the only one that truly agrees with him.
Originally published in
09/06/14 | Lianne Foreman
: 5/5

Great food, great service

I bought this for my very fussy Working Cocker on recommendation from a friend. I'm so glad I did - she hates most dry food I've tried, but absolutely loves this. Its great knowing that she's eating something so healthy and good for her, and it is well priced too. I do agree with what another person wrote, about there being other flavours, that would be great! Service from Zooplus is fantastic, very quick delivery (2 days), and the courier company driver was extremely polite. The free gift was also very welcome thank you, and loved by Nellie too!
Originally published in
18/03/14 | Esta
: 5/5

My dog loves it!

We have always been conscious about what we feed our dog because we want to give her something that is good for her. However we have always had trouble getting our little springer spaniel to eat kibble. She used to walk away from it! But not with Applaws :) she absolutely loves it, and it is so nice to see her eat a full meal! Also, because it is good quality you only have to feed her half the amount so it doesn't take her long to gobble it all up. We love Applaws and can't imagine feeding her anything different now. Just wish they did some different flavours!!
Originally published in
24/11/13 | Nina Hunter
: 5/5

The Dogs Dinner

I have 6 small breed dogs and all of them love this food, the kibble is about 1cm in size and my Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus manage fine with eating it. The food smells better than other brands I've tried and their poops are more solid and less smelly too which is always a bonus! An all round good buy, ticks all the right boxes.
Originally published in
27/10/13 | Yve
: 5/5


This food is really good, no more tear stains on my poodles, they are a lot happier as they enjoy it very much. The only thing is I think that it is a little too large for my Chihuahua which is a shame because he likes it too! Maybe a separate food for small dog would be nice...
Originally published in
20/06/13 | Mrs Julie Munday
: 5/5


recieved it yesterday was packed in a really strong box which Asbo my staffie enjoyed as a toy! Food absolutely fantastic and good value also Asbo wants to say thank-you for his free gift of top quality chicken strips Zooplus your service is fantastic as usual and i would recommend you to family and friends
Originally published in