Dog Chow Adult Chicken
Dog Chow Adult Chicken
Dog Chow Adult Chicken
Dog Chow Adult Chicken
Dog Chow Adult Chicken
Dog Chow Adult Chicken

Dog Chow Adult Chicken

Made with wholesome chicken, specially adapted kibble size and shape, provides a range of essential nutrients, serve up a delicious meal that promotes healthy development for your young dog...further information
Product description
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Tasty and amazing value: "Can't believe the price and my 3 dogs love it. It's not often they'll "guard" a dog bowl that only contains dry dog food, but they will with this!"

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Product description

Made with wholesome chicken, specially adapted kibble size and shape, provides a range of essential nutrients, serve up a delicious meal that promotes healthy development for your young dog

* Please note: BETA dry dog food is sold under the name Dog Chow in the USA and parts of Europe. It is not an equivalent product and there are some composition differences.

Help your dog live life to the full with this PURINA Dog Chow Adult Chicken dry dog food. Our canine companions just love running, jumping, chasing, and living a life unleashed. Your dog needs a food that can properly fuel its natural enthusiasm for life and help it to stay happy and healthy everyday. Our PURINA® Dog Chow Adult Chicken offers tailored nutrition for adult dogs, including essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy bones, and high levels of protein and fat for maintaining muscles. It has been specially formulated with selected natural ingredients and a natural prebiotic to support digestive health, essential for keeping your adventurous dog feeling its best all day long! What's more, this food is made without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


PURINA Dog Chow Adult Chicken at a glance:

-      New and improved recipe!

-      Chicken as the primary ingredient

-      Made with selected natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

-      With natural prebiotic proven to help improve digestive health

-      Dual shape and size kibble for slower chewing

-      Tailored nutrition: excellent nutrient absorption and a good level of energy provided while managing weight

-      Strong muscles: with protein to help support strong musculature

-      Healthy skin & shiny coat: with vitamins, zinc and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids

-      Healthy teeth & bones: with essential minerals and vitamins to help support healthy teeth and bones


Naturally Tailored Nutrition

Just like us, dogs are happiest and healthiest when they are free to live a life unleashed – as real dogs should… outdoors, exploring the world, and having fun! This is why PURINA, with our 90 years of expertise in canine nutrition and behaviour, has created Dog Chow - a tailored range of food, made using carefully selected natural ingredients, with Turkey, Chicken or Salmon as our no.1 ingredient. Inspired by nature, and made in our Suffolk factory, all our products provide healthy inside-out nutrition that helps your dog to live an active and curious life.

Dog Chow: Free the Real Dog Inside


Real Dog Story

It’s so important that you recognise the dog inside. And Lola’s a Foodie, no doubt. She sniffs everything, she has to know where everything is. She explores the world by mouthing, tasting, nosing at what she finds. And we live in the county, so there is so much for her to experience and try. She’s a Fire & Rescue Dog, but because she’s such a foodie, I avoid treats when we’re training – or her mind will be on the food!” - Lindsey, from Preston   


Which Type is Yours?

To help you “Free the Real Dog Inside”, we’ve created six inspiring examples of #realdogs and what gets their tails wagging:




-      They greet strangers like old friends, and old friends like family. Never happier than with other dogs and people.


-      Life’s a stage, and they’re here to entertain! Because nothing is more fun than a new game.


-      They just love to dive right in. Splashing, swimming, rolling, and the messier the better!  


-      They’re not just food motivated… they’re food obsessed! Relishing the world through their mouths.


-      They were born to move – fast! That’s why they need to run, track and retrieve.  


-      Every walk is the start of a new mission… digging, climbing, and uncovering - and probably ends with a bath!


Purina Dog Chow Adult – Chicken contains all the essential ingredients and nutrients needed to support an active canine lifestyle, with protein for strong muscles.


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Grains (50% whole grains ♥), meat and meat by-products (16%*), vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, vegetables ♥ (1.1% dehydrated chicory root, 0.07% dehydrated carrot, 0 07% dehydrated spinach), minerals.

♥ = Natural ingredients.
*corresponds to 16% rehydrated meat and meat by-products, with minimum 4% chicken.

Vitamin A (21 000 UI / kg), vitamin D3 (1 200 UI / kg), vitamin E (100 UI / kg), E1 [iron] (260 mg / kg), calcium iodate anhydrous (3,3 mg / kg), E4 [copper] (38 mg / kg), E5 [manganese] (20 mg / kg), E6 [zinc] (350 mg / kg), sodium selenite (0,45 mg / kg).
With antioxidants

Analytical constituents

protein25.0 %
fat12.0 %
fibre3.0 %
ash8.0 %
omega-3 fats0.15 %
omega-6 fats2.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's Feeding Recommendation:

Purina Dog Chow Adult Chicken is a complete dry dog food for dogs. 

Dog's Weight Normal Activity Intense Activity
10 kg 180 g 210 g
15 kg 240 g 270 g
20 kg 290 g 330 g
25 kg 335 g 380 g

The breed, age, activity level and temperament of your dog will influence the amount of food required. Check your dog's weight regularly and adjust the quantity accordingly. 
Always ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available.