bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC Dry Dog Food

: 5/5
Balanced semi-moist dog food with 60% fresh chicken as the single source of high-quality animal protein. Soft, grain-free kibble with easily-digestible potato and banana to supply vital carbohydrates....further information
Product description
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
bosch Soft Chicken & Banana HPC  Dry Dog Food
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€7.88 / kg
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Product description

Balanced semi-moist dog food with 60% fresh chicken as the single source of high-quality animal protein. Soft, grain-free kibble with easily-digestible potato and banana to supply vital carbohydrates.

bosch HPC Soft Chicken & Banana is a balanced and complete food for sensitive dogs. This semi-moist dog food contains a high proportion of meat, with 60% fresh chicken as the only source of animal protein, making it ideal for dogs with food intolerances or allergies.

As well as providing your dog with premium-quality protein, this grain-free kibble also includes starch-containing bananas and easily-digestible potatoes as a source of carbohydrates and energy. This semi-moist food has a high residual moisture content of 18%, making it especially delicious and easy to chew. This means that bosch HPC Soft Chicken & Banana is even well-accepted by picky dogs.

All of the ingredients in this grain-free dog food are sourced in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and are then gently processed to ensure that you can provide your dog with all the important nutrients he needs. The included chondroitin and glucosamine can support the growth and maintenance of your dog's joint cartilage, as well as promoting strong bones, while yucca extract helps to reduce stool odour. Chicory supplies vital inulin, which has a prebiotic effect, supporting the intestinal tract and promoting a balanced gut flora.

bosch HPC Soft Chicken & Banana at a glance:

  • For adult dogs with sensitive digestions
  • Especially ideal for dogs with nutritional sensitivities or allergies
  • Semi-moist: high residual moisture (18%) results in a soft kibble that is tasty and appealing, even for fussy dogs
  • Mono-protein: chicken as the single source of animal protein to reduce the likelihood of reactions
  • High-quality protein: 60% fresh chicken meat supplies premium-quality protein
  • Grain-free – with potato and banana: easy-to-digest sources of carbohydrates and energy, rich in potassium
  • High-quality ingredients from Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin: supports the growth and functioning of your dog's joints and cartilage, promotes strong bones
  • Chicory: can contribute to a balanced gut flora by supplying inulin, which has a beneficial prebiotic effect, helping to prevent the spread of pathological bacteria in the gut
  • Yucca extract: can reduce stool odour
  • Gently prepared: ensures optimum digestibility and preserves nutrients, vitamins and proteins
bosch dog food only uses carefully selected ingredients that are gently processed to produce tasty, wholesome and easily-digestible high-quality canine nutrition. The animal proteins in bosch foods only come from animals that have been declared fit for human consumption.


A mixture of naturally-occurring tocopherols have been added to bosch dog food to help to conserve the delicate yet essential vitamins and fatty acids. You can rest assured that with bosch quality dog foods, you will always be able to find the right nutrition for your dog’s needs.


Go to analytical constituents
Fresh chicken (min. 60%), plantain (dried, min 9%), potato flour, potato starch, potato protein, peas (dried), pea fibre, hydrolysed protein, poultry fat, chicory powder (0.25%), psyllium husks, yeast (dried, inc. 0.04% beta-glucans), glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, yucca (dried). 

Additives (per kg):
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (12,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1,200 IU), vitamin E [as all-rac-α tocopheryl acetate] (70mg), vitamin B1 (10mg), vitamin B2 (10mg), vitamin B6 (6mg), vitamin B12 (40mcg), biotin (350mcg), pantothenic acid (20mg), niacin (40mg), folic acid (2mg), vitamin C (80mg), choline chloride (1,350mg), zinc [as amino acid zinc chelate hydrate] (25mg), copper [as cooper(II) sulphate pentahydrate] (10mg), cobalt (0.2mg), manganese (3mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (2mg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.2mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (70mg), iron (130mg).

Technological additives:
Antioxidants, preservatives.

Analytical constituents

protein21.0 %
fat14.0 %
fibre2.5 %
ash2.5 %
calcium1.1 %
phosphorus0.8 %
magnesium0.07 %
moisture19.0 %
potassium0.07 %
sodium0.25 %
food energy14.12 kcal
calories that can be burned14.12 MJ/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation:

bosch HPC Soft Chicken & Banana is a complete dog food.


Dog's weight Feeding amount in g/day
2.5-5kg 55-85g
5-7.5kg 85-115g
7.5-10kg 115-140g
10-12.5kg 140-165g
12.5-15kg 165-190g
15-17.5kg 190-215g
17.5-20kg 215-235g
20-25kg 235-280g
25-30kg 280-320g
30-35kg 320-360g
35-40kg 360-400g
40-45kg 400-435g
45-50kg 435-470g
50-60kg 470-540g
60-70kg 540-605g
70-80kg 605-670g


Can be fed dry or further moistened with water.

Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Bosch Soft Chicken & Banana
After a miserably long search for a food that Zeus (our chihuahua-miniature pinscher cross) would digest, we have finally discovered Bosch Soft. In all honesty, I don't believe in mixing pure food with dry food. My other five, all chihuahuas, eat Mac's wet food. With Zeus things unfortunately weren't so easy. With every wet food he had slimy or soft stool. We tried loads of high quality brands: Mac's, Lukullus, Terra Canis, Herrmann's, as well as cans with only meat that could then be mixed with vegetables, but absolutely nothing changed. In the search for a suitable dry food, I came across Bosch Soft. We bought a 2.5kg bag and, to our great surprise, Zeus had a solid stool. We are so happy to finally have found the right food that he can digest. Our little muscleman finally has soft smooth fur, no wind, and no more diarrhoea. A top product for us!
: 5/5
Our dog loves this food...
Initially I was sceptical, because our dog had always refused to eat Bosch food of any variety. One of the Boxers tried the Bosch Chicken & Banana and ate the lot, nothing was left in his bowl. I bought the food again and we will continue to do so. We have found our food :) we really recommend it...
: 5/5
Bosch Soft Chicken & Banana
Our Bernese Mountain Dog loves this food and can't get enough of it. We were forced to switch immediately to this food and the change happened without any of the usual problems such as diarrhoea etc. Because the food smells stronger, we were expecting unpleasant smells from our dog, but we were wrong! We will be buying this food from now on
: 5/5
Happy fussy dog!
I like the concept of this food. My fussy Spinone eats every bit. There are 3 dry foods he'll eat, Markus Muhle, Purizon and this. Purizon is tiny, like bigger cat kibble. Bosch Soft is bigger so he can get every bit without leaving a trail on the floor. I like the fact it has a more unusual fruit/veg source, banana. He really seems to enjoy it, it agrees with his tummy. Its quite pricey for the amount you get in the smaller bag, but we don't use loads and it means its fresher.
Originally published in
03/01/17|D Mason
: 5/5
I carry a bag of these with me and use them as treats. My own and everyone elses dogs gather round when I get my bag out. The odour tempts even fussy dogs and I have a loyal fan club on walks. Excellent product.
Originally published in
: 5/5
All three dogs eat this really well. The Shelties' fur is very good, all three are in perfect condition, even with lots of moving around with the bike and the horse. The kibble is not entirely soft, so the dogs still have to bite it, but it's not so hard that they can just gobble it down.
02/11/16|Christine Greene
: 5/5
Dogs love it
My 2 border collies adore this, and I have had no problems feeding them this. Though the price might seem high a little goes a long way and I thoroughly recommend it.
Originally published in
: 5/5
My dog is EXTREMELY fussy, alway has been. I am very happy that she likes this food and eats it well. I find the food doesn't smell even 20% as bad as Acana, Purizon-Fish or Nature-Pure. I'm happy that Bosch finally has a grain-free food!
: 5/5
Passed the test
My pug is allergic, very fussy with food and has teeth problems. It is not easy to find a food that he will digest, enjoy and can chew. Bosch Soft (Chicken & Banana) is THE food that he audibly enjoys eating. We don't need treats anymore, food is enough. I have taken one star away because the food smells "sour" to my human nose. However, the pug would definitely give it 5 stars!
03/07/16|Mrs d cocker
: 5/5
Big hit
Tried this just to see very fussy gsd loves it and old pug will have a nibble to going to try the other flavours in the soft range to see if these are as big a hit also good price much cheaper than the aatu I normally buy.
: 5/5
Dogs digest it really well, no diarrhoea and enjoy eating it!
: 5/5
Great food
Personally, I find that this food smells a bit. But the dog loves it. She digests it well, has from the very beginning! We feed it as treats.
: 5/5
Tried from the Advent Calendar
I had a 1kg trial bag from the Advent Calendar in my December order. I already fed my dog a different Bosch food but I was impressed by this one - as was my dog! She eats it really well and it smells pleasant. She also had no problems with digesting it. I imagine only a "semi-moist" food would have a softer consistency. But the main thing is it tastes good. :)
: 5/5
They love it!
Both of mine (Collie and Greek-mix) love this food. They do not eat it as a main meal but as treats or an evening snack, because they cannot be fed such an incredibly high amount of protein. But as a change from normal food and as a special treat it is great - if they could they would eat it every day. Once the bag is open the food smells a bit, so I always make sure the bag is well closed.
: 5/5
So far utterly impressed
...I've only recently been feeding this food, but my super fussy, gluten-intolerant Boxer has voluntarily enjoyed this food as a snack between meals and has eats it without difficulty instead of the old dry food mixed with wet, even though he will leave sausage sandwiches and only likes 3 kinds of treats. Fur and stool look good so far and there is nothing to complain about. I don't recommend the smell as it's particularly unpleasant, but I'm used to fish! ;-D