bosch Senior Age & Weight Dry Dog Food
bosch Senior Age & Weight Dry Dog Food
bosch Senior Age & Weight Dry Dog Food
bosch Senior Age & Weight Dry Dog Food

bosch Senior Age & Weight Dry Dog Food

bosch Senior Age & Weight dog food for sensitive older dogs, high contents of protecting antioxidants, very good tolerance, reduced energy content for optimal bodily constitution...further information
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Top food for our 13 year old Goldie: "Our 13.5-year-old Goldie has had increasingly bad joint problems. Now is also the time to lose some excess pounds and make a food change. Within 6 weeks, he has l...

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Product description

bosch Senior Age & Weight dog food for sensitive older dogs, high contents of protecting antioxidants, very good tolerance, reduced energy content for optimal bodily constitution

bosch Senior Age & Weight dog food is suitable for sensitive ageing dogs of all breeds. Its superior tolerance rates and high content of active antioxidants (e.g. vitamin E, selenium) makes it the ideal food for older dogs with sensitive reactions to food. Due to its reduced energy and protein contents and its balanced fibre composition, Age & Weight also ensured optimal bodily constitution for adult dogs. bosch Age & Weight has excellent tolerance rates, especially for sensitive dogs who tend to metabolism disorders caused by diet.

Anti-Aging Important natural antioxidants from a variety of fruits (e.g. carefully dried tomato purée (at least 0.5%), carefully dried cranberries (at least 0.2%), vitamin E and the trace element selenium (as sodium selenite 0.3 mg/ kg) support the self-protecting functions of body cells which may weaken with increasing age.

Weight Control The significantly reduced energy and protein concentrations (and simultaneously excellent protein quality) as well as a high proportion of satisfying fibres makes Age & Weight a unique special diet for adult dogs who have problems with their optimal body constitution (e.g. overweight).

Caring for your dog's dietary needs by giving it all essential nutrients is not all that matters: vitality, joy of life and well-being are increasingly the focus of interest for the caring dog-owner. The bosch Life Protection Concept offers you a new, modern dog food concept which will contribute to your dog's well-being by solving all the important questions of diet.

bosch dog food with Life Protection Concept is made without the use of the grains high in gluten which are commonly used in other foods. It is therefore particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive reactions and intolerances to these ingredients. The alternative source of carbohydrates, millet and potatoes, have a significantly lower allergenic potential.

The use of a variety of especially suitable and highly digestible proteins ensures adequate provision of vital protein components, the essential amino acids, even with relatively moderate protein contents. The resulting relief for the metabolism due to the particularly digestible proteins makes the food especially suitable for sensitive dogs which tend to metabolism disorders caused by diet.

Life Protection Concept:


  • Immunity Control: Beta-glucan are special carbohydrates with a specific structure and work as a natural immune system stimulant
  • Cell Protection: Important natural antioxidants from a variety of fruits (such as carefully dried tomato purée (at least 0.5%) and carefully dried cranberries (at least 0.2%)), vitamin E and the trace element selenium (as sodium selenite 0.3 mg/kg) protect body cells from attack of elements harmful to the metabolism
  • Eye Care: A highly effective combination of special components with natural contents of antioxidants (e.g. calendula flowers, at least 0.025%) and added vitamins support the natural sight process and slow down changes in sight due to age.
  • Hair & Skin: Highly effective vitamins and trace elements (e.g. copper, at least 2.5%) and balanced proportions of essential fatty acids (e.g. omega 6: omega 3 < 5:1), together with a variety of selected components (e.g. algae meal, at least 0.1%) ensure most of all a soft skin and an optimally coloured, shiny coat.
  • Cartilage Care: Mussel extracts contained in the Life Protection Concept products provide highly effective glucosamines. Glucosamines and chondroitin can support the functionality of cartilage, especially in joints.
  • Stable Intestinal Flora: Selected ingredients, especially carefully processed, ensure superior digestibility and well-formed stool.
  • Dental Care: Size and surface structure of the kibble encourage the dog to thorough mechanical chewing of the food. This creates a positive grinding effect which cleans tooth surfaces, aided by the use of structured vegetable fibre.
  • Energy Transfer: Energy and fat metabolism are promoted by lecithin and carnithin which also improve the energy efficiency of the food. This supports cardiac muscle function.
  • Olfactory Sense: Insufficient supply of certain minerals (e.g. sodium) can lead to a decreasing sense of smell in dogs. The food recognises the dietary link and supplies all important minerals and trace elements.
  • Nerves & Brain: Sub-optimal provision of certain vitamins can lead to changes in the central nervous system of the dog. The food recognises this link also by supplying all important vitamins.
The 3.75 food pack is equipped with a handy zip and the 11.5 pack features a top slider system for resealing the packaging. Freshness and aroma of bosch Life Protection dog food are therefore preserved and contribute to its great taste.


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poultry (min. 15%), millet (yellow, min. 10%), potatoes (dried, min. 10 %), millet (milo), millet (white), poultry meal, dried beet shavings, cellulose powder, liver (dried), hydrolysed protein, whole egg (dried), trout meal, tomato purée (dried), yeast (dried), calcium carbonate, chicory powder, linseed, peas, fish oil, celery (dried), carrots (dried), apples (dried), cranberries (dried), sodium chloride, macadamia oil, blueberries (dried), algae meal, mussel meat meal, calendula flowers (dried), yucca extract.

Supplemented with:
Vitamin A (25,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (1200 IU / kg), vitamin E (600 mg / kg), vitamin B1 (15 mg / kg), vitamin B2 (30 mg / kg), vitamin B6 (10 mg / kg), vitamin B12 (200 mcg / kg), biotin (500 mcg / kg), pantothenic acid (30 mg / kg), niacin (50 mg / kg), folic acid (2 mg / kg), vitamin K (1 mg / kg), choline chloride (2000 mg / kg), lecithin (4000 mg / kg), L-carnitine (200 mg / kg), iron (250 mg / kg), zinc as zinc oxide (40 mg / kg), zinc as an amino acid zinc chelate (75 mg / kg), copper (10 mg / kg), cobalt (0.4 mg / kg), manganese (20 mg / kg), iodine (3 mg / kg), selenium (0.3 mg / kg).
Technological Additives:
With Antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein19.0 %
fat7.0 %
fibre8.0 %
ash5.5 %
calcium0.75 %
phosphorus0.55 %
magnesium0.1 %
potassium0.6 %
sodium0.2 %
calories that can be burned3343.84 kcal/kg

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation:
Dog's weight Daily amount in g
2.5-5 kg 50-90 g
5.0-7.5 kg 90-120 g
7.5-10 kg 120-150 g
10-12.5 kg 150-170 g
12.5-15 kg 170-200 g
15-17.5 kg 200-220 g
17.5-20 kg 220-250 g
20-22.5 kg 250-270 g
22.5-25 kg 270-290 g
25-30 kg 290-340 g
30-35 kg 340-380 g
35-40 kg 380-420 g
40-45 kg 420-460 g
45-50 kg 460-490 g
50-60 kg 490-570 g
60-70 kg 570-640 g
70-80 kg 640-700 g
80-90 kg 700-770 g
90-100 kg 770-830 g