bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food

: 5/5
Dry food for dogs of any breed over the age of 1 year, made from high-quality local raw ingredients of organic quality, with 45% fresh organic chicken and beneficial organic apple and organic herbs....further information
Product description
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food
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Product description

Dry food for dogs of any breed over the age of 1 year, made from high-quality local raw ingredients of organic quality, with 45% fresh organic chicken and beneficial organic apple and organic herbs.

bosch Organic Adult Dry Dog Food presents an improved recipe, a natural, delicious dog food for adult dogs of any breed over the age of 1 year, made with high-quality local raw ingredients of organic quality. The very high content of fresh organic chicken (45%) in this adult food makes it highly delicious and digestible. Wheat is completely avoided in terms of grain, helping to minimise associated allergies. Organic apples and a special organic herb mix brings specific fibres to stabilise digestibility. Organic apples also offer valuable vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate.

The agricultural produce in bosch Organic Adult dog food originates from 100% certified organic sources, contractually monitored and checked by the Association for Processing of Organic Agricultural Produce in Karlsruhe, Germany. bosch uses tasty organic fresh meat from select Organic Farms (ECOLAND) from the Hohenlohe-Franken region in Germany.

bosch Organic Adult Dog Food contains only agricultural produce that is certified 100% organic.

  • Organic fresh meat:
    • from unique breeds of the Höfen region in Hohenloher Land, Germany
    • regional organic meat means short transportation from slaughter to processing
    • fresh and meaty
  • Organic wholegrain barley and organic oats:
    • active digestive dietary fibres
    • easy-to-digest carbohydrate
  • Organic wholegrain rice:
    • allergen-low grain
    • easy-to-digest carbohydrate
  • Organic peas:
    • beneficial vegetable
    • high content of vitamins and antioxidant carotenoids
  • Organic carrots:
    • valuable dietary fibres
    • provide pro-vitamin A
  • Organic tomatoes
    • contain antioxidant plant substances (Lycopene)
    • stimulate the immune system
  • Organic apples:
    • stimulating digestive dietary fibres (pectins)
    • easily soluble carbohydrates
  • Organic pears:
    • stimulate the taste
    • stabilize digestive system
  • Organic herb mix:
    • digestion-promoting fibres
bosch Organic pet food completely relies on regional producers of 100% organic food that is never genetically modified. bosch values the practice of keeping animals in their natural environment as well as the preservation of breeding species. This ensures compliance with animal protection, meat production, and environmental laws.

bosch practices this philosophy and the result is healthy, natural, and tasty dog food. A healthy dog means a happy dog and a happy owner!

bosch Organic dog food: "in balance with nature - for the best organic food"


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Fresh chicken* (45%), rice* (18%), wholegrain barley* (18%), wholegrain oats* (7%), rice protein*, protein hydrolysate from liver*, apple* (dried, 1%), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, di-calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, peas* (dried, 0.1%), tomatoes* (dried, 0.07%), carrots* (dried, 0.07%), pears* (dried, 0.07%), herbs* (dried; nettle*, blackberry leaves*, fennel*, caraway*, camomile blossoms*, centaury*).
* = from controlled organic sources.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (14,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1400 IU), vitamin E (80mg), vitamin B1 (8mg), vitamin B2 (8mg), vitamin B6 (5mg), vitamin B12 (40mcg), biotin (200mcg), pantothenic acid (16mg), niacin (32mg), folic acid (2mg), vitamin C (60mg), choline chloride (2200mg), zinc [as zinc oxide] (65mg), copper [as cupric-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate] (10mg), iodine [as calcium iodate anhydrous] (2mg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.2mg).
Technological additives:

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat13.0 %
fibre3.5 %
ash6.7 %
calcium1.2 %
phosphorus0.8 %
magnesium0.09 %
potassium0.55 %
sodium0.35 %
calories that can be burned15.33 MJ/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

bosch Organic Adult is a complete food for dogs.

Dog's weight Serving in g/day
2.5kg 55g
5kg 90g
7.5kg 125g
10kg 150g
12.5kg 180g
15kg 205g
17.5kg 230g
20kg 255g
22.5kg 280g
25kg 305g
30kg 345g
35kg 390g
40kg 430g
50kg 510g
60kg 585g

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: 5/5
Balanced Dry Food
We recently switched to Bosch organic and our dog is very happy. He instantly liked it. It is important for me that dry food has the right mix of meat, grains and vegetables and that’s clearly the case for this food.
: 5/5
Good price, great quality
It was important to me to feed my Dutch Herder an organic dog food. However, he did not seem to like organic brands and the costs were very high (he eats up to 500g per day depending on nutrient density). With Bosch Organic Adult, I finally found a food that is well received and does not hit my budget to hard. My dog also tolerates it well, which was not always the case with other brands. Clear purchase recommendation
: 5/5
We have 4 dogs. Great Dane, Scent Hound, 2 Beagles. We have been feeding this food for ages. Perfect! It is well tolerated and also very much loved. There is no such thing as 100% food, but for us the 'organic' is important, for the protection of animals and nature. From us a clear purchase recommendation. The price is unbeatable. 4 dogs are already eating away...
: 4/5
Almost perfect
My dog (2 year Aussie) is very fussy when it comes to food and leaves a lot, even home-made. However, he eats this food much better than he does expensive dry foods. The price is unbeatable for organic food and it is wheat-free as well as corn-free. A point deduction because of low meat content and the somewhat inaccurate declaration.
: 5/5
Good, organic, and cheap
My dog has been eating this for 4 years, he weights 40kgs and is strong and healthy. His stools are a little on the soft side but he's never had any problems with his digestion. Highly recommended, because it helps you avoid the horrible additives you find inn most other foods.
: 5/5
Our dogs took to it really well
My dog has always eaten dry food, but never with so much appetite! She leaves the bowl spotless every time! It is very palatable and has helped our stray dog with his digestive problems. He used to have intermittent diarrhoea but thanks to this food, that's a thing of the past...
04/07/14|Allison Day
: 5/5
Lovely Stuff!
I have always fed my dogs organically and this food combines high nutrition ingredients will no added horrors like soy, and yet is still reasonably priced. My dog loves it!
Originally published in
: 5/5
Top quality organic dog food
Been buying this for several months now. My dogs really enjoy it and I have peace of mind, knowing they are eating good quality organically produced food.
Originally published in
: 5/5
We tried this and our dog seems to really really enjoy it! Got a committed customer here!
Originally published in
: 5/5
we're really happy
I read through the ingredients and my pooch would probably really enjoy this food. He loves apples and carrots. And I like that they're giving a bit more variety than just meat. For the first time, I just bought a small pack. What can I say - as I suspected, he absolutely loved it. Five stars!