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Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult

Product description

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Product description

Complete dry food for adult Cocker Spaniels, perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of the breed and enriched with omega fatty acids for coat and skin, as well as digestive and dental support.
The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most charming and popular dog breeds, with its wonderfully silky medium-length coat and its lively nature. Feeding a food such as this Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult is a great way to ensure your Cocker Spaniel is receiving all the key nutrition it needs, directly tailored to its individual requirements. This dish is not only suitable as a complete food for Cocker Spaniels, but can also be fed to English Springer Spaniels and American Cocker Spaniels.
This Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult kibble has a wholesome, balanced recipe rich in vital nutrients. It contains a good portion of animal protein, which is essential in maintaining muscles. Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to keep your dog's coat in top condition, whilst fibre and prebiotics support digestion and nutrient intake.

Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult at a glance:

  • High-quality dry food for adult Cocker Spaniels, American Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels over 1 year old
  • Balanced and complete: breed-specific recipe ideal for daily feeding, developed with the help of vets
  • With delicious poultry: full of flavour and a source of high-quality protein
  • Optimum digestion: enriched with prebiotic FOS and beet pulp, to help support healthy digestion and nutrient intake
  • Beneficial fatty acids: contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help keep skin healthy and coat glossy
  • DentaDefense formula: works with the hexagonal kibble shape to support dental cleaning
  • Complete nutrient profile: with ideal ratios of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals
  • Source of L-carnitine and taurine
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and GMOs
  • In a practical resealable pouch with zip fastener


Dried chicken and turkey (29%, incl. 17% chicken, a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and taurine), maize, wheat, millet, barley, pork fat, fresh chicken (4%), dried sugar beet pulp (2.8%), chicken gravy, minerals (incl. 0.38% sodium hexametaphosphate), dried whole egg, fish oil (a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids), fructo-oligosaccharides (0.29%, a natural prebiotic), linseeds.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (44,979 IU), vitamin C (56mg), vitamin D3 (1492 IU), vitamin E (250mg), beta-carotene (5mg), L-carnitine (50mg), cupric sulphate pentahydrate (14mg), potassium iodide (2.7mg), ferrous sulphate monohydrate (72mg), manganous sulphate monohydrate (41mg), zinc oxide (120mg), sodium selenite (0.07mg).
Natural antioxidants:
Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oil (43mg).
Organic rosemary extract (21mg), tea extract (11mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 27.0 %
fat 12.0 %
fibre 2.6 %
ash 7.4 %
calcium 1.35 %
phosphorus 1.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.35 %
omega-6 fats 2.07 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Eukanuba Cocker Spaniel Adult is a complete dog food.
Dog's weight Serving in g/dau
8kg 115 - 130g
10kg 135 - 150g
12kg 150 - 165g
15kg 175 - 195g
20kg 210 - 235g
25kg 245 - 275g

In order to make the switch to Eukanuba Breed Cocker Spaniel easier for your dog, you should make the transition gradually, over 4 days. We recommend feeding your dog twice a day. You should divide the total recommended feeding amount by the number of times you feed your pet per day, depending on your dog's age, activity and temperament these amount can vary. Please make sure to always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.


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