Frolic Complete with Beef

: 5/5
A tasty dry food for adult dogs, with healthy vegetables and fresh beef. Contains essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. With high fibre for optimal digestion....further information
Product description
Frolic Complete with Beef
Frolic Complete with Beef
Frolic Complete with Beef
Frolic Complete with Beef
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Product description

A tasty dry food for adult dogs, with healthy vegetables and fresh beef. Contains essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet. With high fibre for optimal digestion.

Frolic Complete with Beef is a balanced dry food that gives your dog everything he needs to have a happy, healthy life. The high quality ingredients and balanced additives are carefully selected and prepared. Fresh beef provides a source of high quality animal protein, with a hearty flavour that dogs simply love.

In order to give your dog a balanced daily nutrition, this food contains added essential vitamins and minerals. This helps to support your dog’s general health, vitality and wellbeing. The special combination of selected ingredients can help to support strong bones and healthy teeth, and the high fibre ingredients help to maintain a healthy digestion.

Frolic Complete with Beef at a glance:

  • Delicious dry food for adult dogs
  • With fresh beef: high quality animal protein source, with a hearty flavour and a great source of energy
  • With healthy vegetables: for a balanced and varied nutrition
  • With essential vitamins and minerals: for vitality, health, and strong bones and teeth
  • High fibre content: for optimal digestion


Grains (incl. 4% wheat), vegetable by-products, meat and meat by-products (incl. 4% fresh meat, incl. 4% beef), oils and fats (incl. 1% sunflower oil, 0.25% fish oil), vegetables (4% carrots), minerals, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish by-products.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (6,500 IE/kg), Vitamin D3 (1,625 IE/kg), Vitamin E (118 mg/kg), Calcium iodate anhydrate (2.5 mg/kg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (21 mg/kg), manganese-(II)-sulphate-monohydrate (175 mg/kg), sodium selenite (0.85 mg/kg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (295 mg/kg).

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Frolic Complete with Beef is a complete dog food.

Weight of dog Amount in g/day
5kg 90
10kg 155
20kg 260
30kg 350
40kg 435
50kg 515

The above recommendations are guidelines only: always consider your pet’s individual activity levels, breed and age, and adjust the feeding amounts accordingly. If changing from a different food to Frolic, do so slowly, by mixing the new food with the old.
Always provide plenty of fresh drinking water. Store this food in a cool, dry place.


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08/09/18|Isobel Waugh
: 5/5
My Dogs and friends in the park get Frolics as a treat. The Rooks and Crows when I arrive at the park also follow me about for Frolics. I have bought Frolics since the 80s.
Originally published in
: 5/5
My dog loves it but put lots of weight on must be giving him too much
Originally published in
: 5/5
It is so easy to use as a treat. I and my dog walking friends use it as a treat at the end of our walks. We also break it up and feed a blackbird and robin that meets us at the park gate every morning they are quite cheeky and come very close to us and the dogs.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Yum yum 👅
Our jack Russel and jack chihuahua cross will not eat any other dry foods (yep we've tried and have an extensive,expensive list to prove it) Mixed with various biscuits they help themselves to the bowl throughout the day. No dodgy tums with this. Even the vet struggles to believe the jack Russell is 17 years old and has. Even on this for years. :)
Originally published in
: 3/5
use as treats only
Dogs love this food the same way kids love McDonalds. That being said, it makes an excellent and cheap treat to use for training and recall. Please note this has extremely high calories, about 350cal/100g!!!
Originally published in
: 5/5
my dogs love it!
my dogs love this food. it smells well and probably tastes very good.
Originally published in
: 5/5
I am conviced, absolutely top!
The food was meant to be a backup food because the delivery of my expensive organic food took ages. Now I am absolutely stunned! My dog tolerates this food much better and it is much more tasty than the other food. Also, this is much more cheaper than the one I used to use.
: 5/5
Also great as a treat
My dog gets frolic as a treat. She leaves everything but absolutely loves this!
: 5/5
Top food!
Never thought I'd feed Frolic one time.... I have a bernese cattle dog and always used to feed super expensive food at £60 for 15kg... she didn't like it and it wasn't good for her... My local pet shop always moans about this food - Frolic - which is why I never bought it because I didn't want to feed anything bad... The opposite is the case!!!! My dog tolerates it and the fur is shiny! Top!!!