Josera MiniDeluxe
Josera MiniDeluxe

Josera MiniDeluxe

Grain-free nutritious dry food for small breed dogs with 25% lamb, sweet potatoes, herbs & forest fruits, great for combatting plaque build up in a highly digestible, well accepted recipe....further information

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smaller Nobbles healthy food in highend quality : "Very good. Good digestion and after 3 weeks you also see a change with the coat highly recommendable. I mix with, Festival and Mini Deluxe. My dog is...
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4.5kg (5 x 900g)
(€5.89 / kg)

Grain-free nutritious dry food for small breed dogs with 25% lamb, sweet potatoes, herbs & forest fruits, great for combatting plaque build up in a highly digestible, well accepted recipe.

Josera MiniDeluxe is an irresistibly tasty kibble for your gourmand canine. With a high content of aromatic lamb, valuable herbs and forest fruits, it offers small breed dogs a wonderful taste experience. The premium dry food from Germany is completely grain-free and is well tolerated by dogs with sensitive stomachs. Josera MiniDeluxe is made with the best ingredients, including digestive plant extracts from fennel and liquorice root, as well as inulin from chicory. Josera MiniDeluxe helps contribute to balanced digestion and promotes the absorption of all nutrients.

With 25% lamb and delicious sweet potato, Josera MiniDeluxe provides enough energy for small breeds and promotes optimal body composition. The special formula in the kibble strengthens the binding of calcium in saliva and reduces the risk of tooth plaque formation. The dry food is topped off with a variety of valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, creating a delicious dry food that provides an ideal supply of vital substances to support small breed dogs in their well-being and activity.

Josera MiniDeluxe at a glance:

  • High quality dry food for small breed dogs
  • Grain-free: potatoes & sweet potatoes are used as an alternative carbohydrate source, also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • With 25% lamb: aromatic & tasty source of valuable animal protein
  • Plaque prevention: this recipe enhances the binding of calcium in the saliva, reducing the risk of tooth plaque building up
  • With herbs, wild berries & vegetables: a variety of tastes in your dog’s food bowl, with a high proportion of vital substances
  • Highly digestible: thanks to the best ingredients, digestive herbs and the prebiotic inulin from chicory
  • Balanced recipe: adapted to the needs of small breed dogs, with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Small kibble: ideal for small breeds
  • Well accepted: with lots of aromatic lamb, exquisite herbs & fruits
  • Made in Germany: sustainably produced and quality controlled in-house at the Josera laboratory
  • Free from: contains no wheat, soya or GMOs, as well as artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives
  • Aroma protection: resealable pouch preserves the taste and valuable nutrients
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Dried lamb protein (25%), dried potato, sweet potato, poultry fat, potato protein, beet fibre, carob flour, partially hydrolysed yeast, minerals (0.35% sodium tripolyphosphate), hydrolysed animal protein, apple fibre, herbs, fruits, ground chicory root (source of inulin).

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (24,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1,800 IU), vitamin E (220mg), vitamin B1 (15mg), vitamin B2 (20mg), vitamin B6 (20mg), vitamin B12 (100mcg), pantothenic acid (50mg), niacin (90mg), folic acid (5mg), taurine (1000mcg), biotin (1000mcg), iron [ferrous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (200mg), zinc [glycine zinc chelate, hydrate] (180mg), manganese [manganese-(II)-oxide] (18mg), copper [glycine copper chelate, hydrate] (20mg), iodine [calcium iodate] (2mg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.3mg).

Analytical constituents

protein25.0 %
fat17.0 %
fibre2.2 %
ash9.1 %
calcium2.0 %
phosphorus1.25 %
magnesium0.09 %
sodium0.45 %
Feeding recommendation

Josera MiniDeluxe is a complete food for adult small breed dogs.


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Josera MiniDeluxe
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