Black Angus Senior

: 5/5
Black Angus Senior with Duck & Herring is a complete diet specially tailored to suit the dietary requirements of dogs over 7 years old. With ginseng and grape seed extract....further information
Product description
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
Black Angus Senior
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Black Angus Senior

- 15kg

€4.10 / kg

Product description

Black Angus Senior with Duck & Herring is a complete diet specially tailored to suit the dietary requirements of dogs over 7 years old. With ginseng and grape seed extract.

Markus Mühle aims to provide your dog with the healthiest, most natural diet possible. All Markus Mühle products contain a combination of high quality animal proteins, premium carbohydrates, and carefully selected vegetable ingredients.

These natural ingredients are cold-pressed, ensuring that the structure of the proteins and carbohydrates are not altered by cooking at high temperatures. This gentle process locks in vital vitamins and micronutrients, so your dog gets the full benefits of each healthy ingredient.

Black Angus dry dog food is free from chemical preservatives, colourings and flavours, making it especially easily digestible. The purely natural ingredients make Markus Mühle unforgettably delicious for your dog.

  • Suitable for large dogs over 6 years, and small dogs over 7 years
  • Proteins from beef, duck and herring
    High quality, easily digested protein sources can encourage healthy growth and strengthen muscles. Herring provides essential oils that help to stimulate the metabolism and support cell production.
  • Carbohydrate and fibre
    Can help to regulate energy intake, optimize intestinal function, support the digestion and strengthen the immune system.
  • Green-lipped mussel extract
    Rich in chondroitin sulphate and glucosaminoglycans which can reduce cartilage wear stimulate cartilage cell regeneration. Contains a high proportion of EPA/DHA fatty acids, which can also protect the joints.
  • Herbs, berries, roots and seeds
    These plant ingredients provide vitalising phytonutrients for healthy functioning of the eyes, liver, digestion, nervous system and immune system.
  • Cold water pressing process
    All raw ingredients are mixed and pressed into pellets without the use of steam or high temperatures, preserving the natural chemical structures and biological effects of herbs, carbohydrates and muscle meat extract.
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Contains no chemical colouring, attractants or preservatives
  • No inorganic materials
    such as calcium carbonate or feeding lime
The nutritional specialists at Markus Mühle have always done things a little differently. Based on the ideas of vets, dog breeders and the director of a dog kennel, they wanted a dog food which is in keeping with a dog's natural diet in the wild. The result is Markus Mühle Dog Food.

Black Angus Senior with Duck & Herring is designed to support your dog in the second half of life. The senior recipe is specially designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of older dogs. Important plant derivatives from ginseng, marigold and grape seed extract encourage healthy cell growth and maintenance, and support organ function in your dog’s golden years.

  • Duck & Angus Beef
    Delicious and well accepted protein sources, ideal for dogs with food intolerances or fussy eaters.
  • Herring
    Contains essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can stimulate the metabolism and help the body to produce and maintain healthy cell walls.
  • Brown wholegrain rice
    An easily digested carbohydrate source, which provides optimal energy release and helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Marigold extract
    Rich in lutein for healthy vision, and contains an optimal combination of specific antioxidants including vitamin E which can stabilize and strengthen the immune system.
  • Ginseng and grape seed extract
    Ginseng root provides a boost to the body’s natural defences. Grape seed extract is rich in polyphenols, which reduce cell oxidization, protecting the DNA of the cell nucleus. This can have a positive effect on the aging of cells.
Please note: Since no chemical colours, preservatives, flavourings or genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of Markus Mühle dog food it can only be stored for up to 8 months after the listed production date.


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Ground dried Black Angus meat (17%), ground brown wholegrain rice, ground dried duck meat (8.5%), ground dried herring (5.4%), ground millet, ground amaranth, fresh green herbs, linseed, dried algae mix, herring oil, cold pressed vegetable oil mix, beet pulp, gelatine, dry peat (2%), dried ground yucca schidigera, milk thistle seeds, fennel seeds, dried blueberries, powdered egg yolk, siliceous earth (1.5%), muscle meat extract from green-lipped mussels (1.5%), grape seed extract, green mineral soil (1.5%), sea mollusc protein from green-lipped mussels (1%), marigold, ginseng root.

Vitamin A (12,000 IE/kg), vitamin D3 (1200 IE/kg), vitamin E (240 mg/kg), vitamin B1 [thiamine mononitrat] (4.2 mg/kg), vitamin B2 [riboflavin] (8.4 mg/kg), vitamin B6 [pyridoxine hydrochloride] (5 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (50 µg/kg), biotin (250 µg/kg), folic acid (0.42 mg/kg), niacin (25 mg/kg), vitamin C [L-ascorbic acid] (170 mg/kg), pantothenic acid [calcium-D-pantothenate] (9.6 mg/kg), choline chloride (1500 mg/kg), manganese (58 mg/kg), copper (12 mg/kg), zinc (144 mg/kg), iron (240 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat10.0 %
fibre6.3 %
ash7.1 %
calcium1.28 %
phosphorus0.98 %
magnesium0.09 %
sodium0.37 %
calories that can be burned3445.0 kcal/kg

Feeding guide

Weight of dog Amount in g/day
2kg 45
5kg 100
7kg 120
10kg 160
15kg 220
20kg 280
25kg 320
30kg 380
35kg 420
40kg 460
45kg 510
50kg 545
60kg 630
70kg 710
80kg 785


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: 5/5
Good for my ageing dog
My 13 year old Golden Retriever looks great on this food. Shiny coat and improved joints.
Originally published in
08/06/18|Sally Anfilogoff
: 5/5
Excellent cold pressed dog food
Switched our now 9 year old dog onto this from a well regarded top of the range product and really noticed the difference in coat, skin and general health. Our dog has joint problems and he appears to not be in so much discomfort now ( if only he could speak). It appears pricey but because you don't feed a big quantity ( you just don't need to) it actually works out very reasonably.
Originally published in
26/02/18|Lorraine Reynolds
: 5/5
Very happy healthy dogs😍
My 3 are raw fed in evening, and for breakfast have this food which they absolutely love! Never had a bad belly, weight is stable, and poos are minimal! Would definitely recommend this dog food, plus it dose’t swell in the dogs stomach like most kibble!!!!
Originally published in
: 5/5
Loves his food
Clive, a 10 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, loves this food. I alternate the senior with the original and this seems to work for him. He is mobile, coat and teeth in great shape. Excellent product.
: 5/5
Been feeding my Flatcoats this for a couple of years now and started my last litter on the Black Angus Junior, it is never refused and they look fabulous on it. Value for money and delivery is prompt and reliable.
Originally published in
: 5/5
My old dogs are greedy for Black Angus Senior.
My dogs are not particularly fussy eaters, but the only food they have devoured like this is Orijen. I am finishing off some Bosch that was still left and mixing this with it, they are picking this out and eating it and leaving the Bosch. So what does that tell you!
15/03/17|Lauren Saunders
: 5/5
New lease of life!
I have tried many different brands of food for our Gorgeous Springador, all of which she gulped down (note the 'ador' part of her cross! Typical Lab) But after being diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia last year and prescribed drugs she should take every day I have done some research in alternative meds. I discovered the properties of Green Lipped Muscle for joints & was recommended this food as it contains the supplement. We have only been using it a month and already we have seen an improvement!
Originally published in
15/02/17|Jo Robinson
: 5/5
Clean Bowls Every Time
I used to Raw feed my 2 dogs due to one of them being a fuzzy eater and struggling with Kibble based foods. However a friend recommended we try this product a year ago and I was amazed at witnessing them both tuck in and finished their bowls within minutes! We've fed Markus Mühle ever since and both dogs have fantastic coats, teeth and energy levels.
Originally published in
: 5/5
We have had a really difficult time finding food that our bulldog can digest. Before trying Markus muhle our dog had loose stools, sickness, skin problems & lack of energy. We tried so many different brands but since changing to this food 3 months ago his stools are solid, his coat glossy, no stinky breathe & he's so much healthier. Really recommend this brand of food.
: 5/5
Amazing food
I have 2 American bulldogs and older one is so fussy and has a really delicate stomach this is the only food I will give him it's amazing his white coat is more glossy he has grown so much since he has been on this he is 9month old and is solid puppy 2 is getting there loves her kibble to hopefully will develop like puppy 1
: 5/5
Fantastic food
I have 7 dogs, 6 small and 1large. They all utterly adore this food. I've tried other well known brands but nothing matches this food. It comes out as one of the best on the market for nutrition. Will not be trying any other brand after using this as I know my dogs wouldn't eat any other. It smells good too.
: 5/5
three happy dogs
have a 13 yr , 7 yr and 2 yr old dog - crossbreed collies and a labrador they were all on tails specific to them foods and just getting too expensive- had moved to that as they just weren't eating the food i was buying before - all three love the markus muhle dry food and are looking healthier than ever no drinking or bowel problems for any of them
Originally published in
: 5/5
Great product
After being educated on the ingredients of certain well known dog food brands we were advised to feed our 5year old boxer cross Marcus Muhule. Now, my dog isn't fussy and has a stomach of steel but I feel reassured that this high protein dog food helps him to thrive. He has a glossy coat, boundless energy and solid stools. It is a very reasonable price and is delivered quickly. It does have a strong smell, but I think that makes it all the more appealing to our dog!
: 5/5
Excellent food, great price
Have fed my retriever this for 2 years. Would not try anything else. Superb
: 5/5
Can't fault M M Black Angus and the dogs love it!
I have two Keeshonden who absolutely love the black angus, my pups came from a fab breeder who also shows her dogs and they were fed one of the most expensive and well advertised foods on the market. At 12 months I changed them over to Black Angus and both dogs are in fantastic condition both the breeder and our vet say so. I can't say strongly enough, just because a food is expensive, sponsors countless dog shows and is plastered all over your vets wall doesn't mean it's good stuff.
Originally published in
: 5/5
great value, quality food
I've been feeding MM for some time now, initially to get some weight on a skinny GSD & then for a dog with megaoesophagus. Both are active, deep chested dogs, which makes them prone to bloat/torsion. I only feed 1/2 volume of MM compared to their previous kibble, so hopefully this reduces the risks. Dogs look good and love the food (although I've yet to find something they won't eat!). Make sure you weigh the ration as it's very dense and easy to overfeed if you are used to feeding expanded kibble.
: 5/5
I usually feed my dogs on raw and my malamute still is. However, I have a 17 month old male leonberger and he is the fussiest dog in the world. Hated high priced dry food, disliked raw, disliked home cooked, went off wet food, I spent hundreds trying to entice him. I ordered this in the slight hope he would eat it. This is now my third bag and he loves this. Such a relief for me as I was at my witts end. I cannot fault this food at all. I can time when my leo is going to poo and when he does it is firm. I use it for treats outside too and my raw fed malamute even likes a bowl.
Originally published in
28/09/15|Us chi
: 5/5
8 happy toy dogs
I had 2 chihuahuas , very fussy eaters , someone said to try this and i have not looked back , we now have 8 toy dogs and even the smallest and youngest are on this food .. they cry , jump and run around excitedly till its in their bowls .. then they eat it straight up , no messing or picking .. i even give bits as treats , they cant wait to get into their beds as they get a piece ...
Originally published in
: 5/5
used for 7 months and no complaints
Fed my ridgeback since he was 9 weeks old on this stuff and he's now over 10 months and is looking good. Always get compliments on his coat too.
03/05/15|nick abbott
: 5/5
excellent quality
our sprocker and cocker are in no way fussy eaters, they were doing ok on wagg but poo was too frequent!have just finished my first bag of Markus Muhle and have been very impressed. big kibble to slow down their eating, loads of energy on walks,poo like bullets and shiny coats. The ingredients read well, no fillers or wheat. the cocker who is nearly 9 is now on the black angus senior, same quality kibble but too soon to comment. if you try either make sure you weigh it first, very heavy kibble.
Originally published in
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