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Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult

: 5/5
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Dry dog food for adult Dalmatians over 15 months, enriched with taurine to support heart function and EPA/DHA for healthy urinary tract, with a nutrient complex in tailored kibble....further information
Product description
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult
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Product description

Dry dog food for adult Dalmatians over 15 months, enriched with taurine to support heart function and EPA/DHA for healthy urinary tract, with a nutrient complex in tailored kibble.

The Dalmatian has a friendly nature, with an intelligent and sensitive temperament. It is a generally cuddly breed that should be raised with love and plenty of praise. Dalmatians are lively family dogs, but are also very adaptable, bred for endurance and requiring lots of exercise. The dots on the white fur make the Dalmatian easy to distinguish. This breed requires special nutrition such as this Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult, which has been adapted to meet the nutritional needs of adult Dalmatians from the age of 15 months. It contains everything needed to support an active lifestyle and promote optimal health.

Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult at a glance:
  • Balanced food for Dalmatians over 15 months
  • Specially tailored to the nutritional requirements of the breed
Complete nutrition for an active breed
A dry food to support increased activity and with valuable nutrients.
Specially tailored kibble
To ensure nutrient intake and encourage chewing, with an adapted texture and shape.
  • Adapted protein source: with low purine levels to support urinary tract health
  • Nutrient complex: to support the skin's barrier function and help protect from drying, with vitamin A to regenerate skin cells and help produce sebum
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA): can promote healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Rich in taurine: to help support heart health
  • Joint protection: chondroitin, glucosamine and EPA/DHA fatty acids to support joint protection
Royal Canin Quality Guarantee
All Royal Canin products undergo strict quality controls, in order to ensure your dog receives a premium quality food adapted to meet its individual nutritional needs and specific lifestyle. This means that Royal Canin offers your dog high-quality, balanced nutrition.


Go to analytical constituents
Rice, maize flour, wheat gluten*, animal fat, egg powder, wheat flour, maize gluten, minerals, vegetable fibres, hydrolysed animal proteins, fish oil, soya oil, marigold meal, glucosamine from fermentation, hydrolysed cartilage (source of chondroitin).
*L.I.P.: Protein selected for its very high digestibility.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (28,000 IU), vitamin D3 (800 IU), taurine (2g), E1 [iron] (79mg), E2 [iodine] (4.9mg), E4 [copper] (6mg) , E5 [manganese] (54mg), E6 [zinc] (151mg), E8 [selenium] (0.24mg).

Sensory additives:
Contains preservatives and antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat18.0 %
fibre2.7 %
ash6.4 %
taurine2.0 g
DHA fatty acid0.3 g

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation in g/day:

Royal Canin Dalmatian Adult is a complete food for dogs.

Dog's weight Low activity Normal activity High activity
20kg 231 267 303
22kg 248 287 326
24kg 264 306 348
26kg 281 325 369
28kg 297 344 390
30kg 312 362 411
32kg 328 380 432
34kg 343 397 452
36kg 358 415 471

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your dog's specific dietary needs.


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
My 9 yr old Dalmatian has been on this food her whole life and I would never change it!! Her coat is shiny and smooth and it’s such a great price from here!!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
SuperB !
Great food for my 4 year old Dalmatian!
Originally published in zooplus.fr
: 5/5
The best !
I have been giving this to our dog for years. All parties are very satisfied.
Originally published in zooplus.de
16/11/18|Paul Bradley
: 5/5
Value and nutritious..
Prince loves his food now..
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
My Dalmatian loves it, the pieces are just the right size and the ingredients are perfectly put together for the breed, I am so happy to have found a breed specific product at such a great price.
Originally published in zooplus.es
: 5/5
Greedy dallys love this
After 18 month of raw feed for my male dally I moved over to this food and it's best decision I made. Our recent family addition of a female dally who we rehomed in may also moved straight into this after a poor diet at previous home. Both are thriving and greedily guzzle it down twice a day. Would recommend this to any Dalmatian owner
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
05/02/17|Michelle Davies
: 5/5
Best food ever
Great food for Marvin my Dalmatian. Use it for his tea, and treats out walking. He loves them!
23/04/15|Peter Tasher
: 5/5
Two at a time
I have two Labs and have always fed Royal Canine Labrador Retriever Adult. I always buy two bags at a time, and Zooplus seems to beat the others on price. I sometimes get lucky and recieve the 12kg bags with 2kg extra free, an offer that comes a few times a year from RC. Zooplus service is always very good, can't fault them at all. Thanks Zooplus.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
02/04/15|Helen Elliott
: 5/5
Perfect food for German Shepherds
I have tried this food for the first time for my 8 yr old German Shepherd. She was suffering from colitis and the dried food she was on was she experienced often bouts of diarrhea. This food is excellent, she eats it without adding anything, smells nice and is moist. if you have a shepherd with a typical stomach problem this is the food to buy. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Royal Canin absolutely brilliant. Comes perfectly packaged in a cardboard box, quick delivery so a win win situation. I will be back for more next month.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Dally Food
We have two male Dalmatians who are just over 2years old. They have only had a diet of junior and now Adult Royal canin food. This keeps them healthy bright eyed and full of bounce !!
: 5/5
No urinary problems
My 5 year-old dalmatian suffers from the kidney stones that are typical of the breed and needs a food with lower purin levels. She does very well on this food, doesn't have any more problems with her urine and also enjoys eating it.
: 5/5
I've just moved on from Maxi junior to dalmatien adult. He adores them, and no more gas! Great! I'm sticking with these!
13/07/13|Fee H
: 5/5
We have 2 dallys, a dog & a bitch. I wouldn't feed them anything else, there is no other food like it. It keeps him full, helps with his cloudy pee (before feeding him the RC he was getting cloudy pee from urine crystals - none now). His coat is amazing & general health very good. He had skin problems but they are under control now too. With the bitch at the recommended feeding dose she was getting bloated as it is quite a rich food so we reduced her intake & now she is doing much better :) The cat adores it too!!
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
26/06/13|Ian Miller
: 5/5
German Shepherd
My 2/12 year old white german shepherd Zak had a really sensitive digestion system and only Royal Canin food has managed to settle that down and now he is fine
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 4/5
super kibble
Very good kibble for dalmatians. My female dalmatian had skin problems when she was eating Hills, but no more problems since we switched to these. Very appetizing and good size kibble.
: 5/5
Kibble for dalmatians
Considering that my Zeus is nearly 8 now, and he has problmes with urinary tract, with this kibble I have no more need for antibiotics or vets consultations. since he has been eating this food I'm pleased to see he now has better wee and more of it, I just hope this lasts, but the product seems to be great!!!!
13/09/12|Hercules Mum
: 5/5
Big Mac of Dog Foods
My 2 year old Pug has been given every single expensive, high protein, healthy dog food - Orijen,Darlings, Burns ...you name it he has had it. And in saying that he has refused to eat all of them. Some of them he humoured me and gave them a few days before turning his nose up at them, but mostly he just refused to eat them until he was starving. So in shear desperation I decided to give the Royal Canin Pug a go. All of my research suggested it is garbage, but perhaps I really do have an adolescent dog as he ate it like he has never been fed..he even came back for 3 additional helpings! I'm conscious that it probably tastes so good because its so bad for him so I've been mixing it with his healthy grain free foods and its encouraging him to eat them too although I have caught him spitting them out when he realised they weren't his Royal Canin. So, according to my research this food isn't good for your dog, and I haven't had him on it long enough to comment, but from where I stand I'd rather he live on Big Macs than starve so for me this is a great food.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
06/09/12|Mr Emery
: 5/5
Recommend it to all dalmatian owners
We used to feed out dalmatian on a well known tin food product and she had what we assumed as an OCD compulsion to lick her one elbow joint. After trips to vets etc... it was recommended to change her diet from wet food to a dry mix food, we therefore, did some market research and chose this brand as it is made for the breed. Since feeding her this food, her compulsion to lick her elbow joint has gone, her coat loss has reduced and she is a lot happier more playful dog. Therefore, I recommend this food to any Dalmatian owner.
Originally published in zooplus.co.uk
: 5/5
Great kibble!
My dalmatian has always been a picky eater - he's very spoiled! The food that I used before had to be mixed with something more appetizing before he would touch it. Since Royal Canin was introduced he eats without any problem at all! What's more it seems to have cured his dermatitis and they are great at preventing any urinary and renal issues. his coat looks perfect too!