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Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care

Product description

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Product description

Complete dry food for adult mini breed dogs prone to being overweight, with a high protein- and reduced fat content alongside satisfying fibre, with omega fatty acids and a tailored kibble size and shape.
Nowadays many pets suffer with being overweight, which can place added stress on your dog's joints and overall health. This Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care is a balanced, delicious and satisfying nutrition that can help support your dog's wellbeing.

Some small dog breeds, such as Miniature Long-Haired Dachshunds, Miniature Shelties, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cairn Terriers and Miniature Schnauzers, have a genetic predisposition to obesity or a natural tendency to overeat. Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care has been developed with the specific needs of typically overweight small-breed dogs in mind.

Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care at a glance:

  • Complete dry food for small-breed (1-10kg) adult dogs from 10 months of age that have a tendency to gain weight
  • Contains 31% less fat (than standard food): helps to reduce or maintain your dog's weight
  • High protein content (30%): supports the maintenance of existing muscle mass and promotes muscle development
  • Low fat content (11%): promotes the maintenance of an ideal weight
  • Soluble & insoluble fibres: can have a satisfying effect
  • Valuable omega-3 and -6 fatty acids: can help to keep skin and coat healthy
  • Well-accepted: due to the carefully selected nutrients
  • Also suitable for fussy dogs: special kibble shape, size and structure supports food intake

This food for dogs prone to being overweight is available in both wet and dry varieties. These products can also be combined for great effect.
The kibble of the dry food is available in a range of sizes that are specially tailored to meet the needs of small, medium or large breed dogs.


Dried poultry protein, maize, vegetable fibres, barley, rice, vegetable protein isolate*, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, animal fats, beet pulp, maize meal, cellulose powder, fish oil, psyllium husks and seeds, yeast and its derivatives, minerals, soya oil, fatty acid salt, fructo-oligosaccharide, borage oil, hydrolysed crustaceans [source of glucosamine], marigold flower extract [source of lutein], hydrolysed cartilage [source of chondroitin].
* L.I.P.: Selected, easily digestible proteins of high biological value.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (22,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1000 IU), E1 [iron] (35mg), E2 [iodine] (3.5mg), E4 [copper] (11mg), E5 [manganese] (45mg), E6 [zinc] (134mg), E8 [selenium] (0.04mg), L-carnitine (200mg).
Preservatives, antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 30.0 %
fat 11.0 %
fibre 8.6 %
ash 5.0 %
protein 30.0 %
fat 11.0 %
fibre 8.6 %
ash 5.0 %
protein 30.0 %
fat 11.0 %
fibre 8.6 %
ash 5.0 %

Feeding guide

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation in g/day:

Royal Canin Mini Light Weight Care is a complete dry dog food.

For mixing with water, please see the quantities indicated on the food bag.


Dog's weight Normal activity High activity
2kg 40g 47g
3kg 54g 64g
4kg 67g 79g
5kg 79g 94g
6kg 91g 108g
7kg 102g 121g
8kg 112g 134g
9kg 123g 146g
10kg 133g 158g


Please note that these are guidelines only. Actual feeding amounts depend on your pet's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your pet's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Fresh water should be provided at all times.


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