LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets

: 5/5
Highly concentrated joint supplement for dogs - stabilizes the muscular-skeletal system, with 30% mussel extract, OPC from grapeseeds, gamma-linolenic acid & omega 3 fatty acids; in pellet form...further information
Product description
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets
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Product description

Highly concentrated joint supplement for dogs - stabilizes the muscular-skeletal system, with 30% mussel extract, OPC from grapeseeds, gamma-linolenic acid & omega 3 fatty acids; in pellet form

LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets is an almost 100% pure active ingredient complex for dogs that is aimed at the development and strengthening of connective tissue structures. LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets in extract form is unique due to it high content of mussel meat extract (30%) from New Zealand Perna Canaliculus, glycosaminoglycans and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to renew, care for and protect joint cartilage and the creation of synovia.
All the components in LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets provide nutrients and protection to joints:

LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets at a glance:

  • High mussel extract content to protect and strengthen tendons, ligaments, cartilage and spinal discs (30%)
  • High levels of GAG (glycosaminoglycans)
  • Boosting creation of cartilage and synovia
  • Grape seed extract and vitamin C from the acerola cherry for a perfect joint, and chondrocyte protection
  • Gamma-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids from evening primrose and wild salmon to aid in inflammatory joint problems
  • In pellet form

Causes for the use of LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets:

  • With old age, joints may come under uneven pressure, which can lead to inflammation, excessive one-sided stress and wear of the cartilage.
  • Following injury: Broken bones (located next to joints) may put pressure on joints due to pain or mechanical restriction from bars, plates or bands or it could be that the cartilage has also been damaged.
  • Large breed puppies can suffer problems as a result of rapid growth and an unbalanced diet can lead to problems with cartilage. Even as puppies, signs of pain and limited movement can develop.
  • Breed specific: Certain breeds are prone to limb issues with uneven pressure on joints. Targeted dietary supplements may prevent such problems. LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets can also be administered for the optimal development of ear cartilage for puppies with pricked ears.
  • LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets optimally supports pregnant bitches in the third and final trimester with the formation of connective tissue in fetuses and supplies the mother with essential vital substances.
  • Sporty and working dogs also put more stress on their joints than normal cartilage without a dietary supplement could possible handle.
LUPOSAN Joint 30 Pellets supports exercise, vitality and motivation. Optimale diet + exercise = healthy joints.


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30% mussel extract (Perna Canaliculus), algae & microalgae, salmon, malt extract, grape seed extract (OPC), nettle, dandelion, Acerola Cherry extract, horsetail, evening primrose oil, DL-methionine, DL-lysine.

Vitamin C (20,000 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein22.0 %
fat8.5 %
fibre1.85 %
ash19.5 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
dog's weight dosage per day:
1 measuring spoon = 10 g
up to 10 kg 1/4 measuring spoon
up to 20 kg 1/2 measuring spoon
up from 30 kg 1 measuring spoon
up from 70 kg 2 measuring spoons


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: 5/5
I've bought sea weed combined with Lupo and Royal Canin mobility support, and my pug is like a new dog! I recommend this product with salmon oil mixed with Royal Canin mobility care and Lupo, for all those owners who own fur babies with joint issues.
09/12/18|Sue Howson
: 5/5
Amazing, really works!!!
I tried this on my Cane Corso who was getting a little stiff on one shoulder the day after exercise. Vet checks & tests revealed nothing sinister, so we thought we would try a supplement, he's nearly 6 yrs old. He has 2 scoops a day & the difference is amazing...even in the colder weather. No more limping & he can run really fast now. I also give my small cross breed terrier a bit, she loves the taste.
Originally published in
06/19/18|Den H
: 5/5
Moved to this
I decided to change to these pellets from another brand I was using on my GS (9 years old now) because I felt the previous one was not working as well anymore. I'm on the 3rd-4th order of the pellets and they have worked well. They are more easily fed to my GS than the previous supplement I used. she has not regressed in her movements. Is eager to play and gets up easily.
: 5/5
There's life in the old dog yet :)
I bought this product because of the reviews. I have a gordon setter who will be nine in May and tries and mostly succeeds in keeping up with his 2 year old nephew. Because of this and an injury (whiplash from jumping out of the car too quickly!!) he had been very stiff and lame in the evenings which troubled me as he is not an OLD dog......I have been giving this product to him for just over a week now and he has not limped once - very very happy customer!!!!
Originally published in
: 5/5
I have a lab x collie and started with the beginnings of arthritis in her shoulder joint which has stopped her playing chase with the frisbee which she loves. Every time she played with the frisbee always came back limping. I saw this product and reviews and thought I will give this a go. She's been on this now for 2 1/2 weeks and wow she's playing frisbee again with no limping at all so I now have an unconfused happy little girl again. Would recommend this product to anyone fantastic.
Originally published in
: 5/5
I must admit I didn't quite believe all the great reviews, this product seemed too good to be true but I thought it would be worth trying when my vet said that my dog had the beginnings of arthritis in one of her paws. She had been limping on and off for the past year or so and more recently nearly every day, but shes been on Luposan for 2 months now and I can honestly say shes not limped at all!!!! Truly amazing and I have been able to take her on long walks again, and absolutely no limping!!
: 2/5
Not for my Lab-sorry
I bought Luposan for my Lab (9).However he has had fungal and yeast problems between his paw pads in the past, and after starting him on Luposan it flared up again, quite bad and I had to take him off it. It did improve his coat but his yeast problems disimproved. Put him on Burns Dry food since, and he is perfect again. Doesnt work for every dog I suppose.
: 5/5
amazing results!
My collie was showing effects of arthritis in one of her hind legs, limping quite badly. After just a week on this supplement there were signs of improvement and after six weeks the limp disappeared. Have just reordered as after two and a half months no limp, no stiffness. very economical as well!
Originally published in
10/31/14|mrs christine morrow
: 5/5
toby my dog
hi,i started using lupo san a month ago on our dog toby,hes a mixed breed,who has athritus in his right back leg ,since he takes this product ,hes a lot lielier and doesnt limp as much,simply carnt wait to have his breaky!with a capfull of liposan mixed inwith his food,hes much happier and runs about in fields too.hes a big dog 6 yrs old.hes lovely,mixed alsation ridgeback and labrador tan black,he shows no pain and much easier id recomend this product .
Originally published in
: 5/5
Super shiny coat
Our black lab x German shepherd has been on this since we got her. Every where we go people comment on her coat and had a few friends purchase this for their own dogs after seeing her. Also its great that the recommended dosage is so low one tub would easily last a year.
: 5/5
Really Works
After just 1 week we notice a difference in our 3year old westie who had joint problems. now he is like a puppy again full of life.
: 5/5
Great!!!! Really works and lasts long!!!
I rarely write reviews but this product really is worth giving the best feedback! My little pup had joint problems that was slightly ignored by vets. After spending £££ on vet treatment that didn't give any long term improvement and was needed again in 3-4 weeks I decided to try something that targets the problem. Improvement was almost immediate!!! But the best thing is that now, after a year of using this product I can confidently say that it was the best thing I could have done for my dog. He is now bouncier and more energetic than when he was a puppy!!! And the pack lasts for months so it is relatively cheap as well. Definitely much cheaper that the vet prescribed stuff I had before. And so much more effective!!!
Originally published in
04/14/12|Joelle Gilbert
: 5/5
From stiff to pure wild
I purchased the product for my two dachshunds aged 11 and 10. My youngest dachshund broke his back a year ago and had successful surgery, my older dachshund has now got weakness in his lower back and back legs, and both have stiff joints. I have been giving the pups this product for about two weeks and the difference is very noticeable- sometimes it is like they are teenagers again. The only warnings I can give is to keep an eye out for your pet overdoing their exercises. Do not give it to them late in the evening as it does cause energy spurts (I split their doze to half in the morning and half after tea). I have also found it gives them back their own cheeky behaviour. I will continue to use this product.
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: 5/5
Luposan Joint Power Pellets – EXCELLENT PRODUCT
I have been giving my dog Charly (11 years) Luposan for six months now, ever since he started having joint problems and didn’t like going up and down stairs. I thought it must be rheumatism, but now that he is getting Luposan he seems to be fit again and does not seem to have any pain. I am so pleased and would definitely recommend Luposan. Thank you so much
: 5/5
Great product
Our beautiful 6 month old Bernese Mountain dog has grown really fast in the last 2 months. She has always limped occasionally so I ordered some Luposan to try and help her with a good diet. I have to admit that I was rather sceptical whether it would do any good, but I though I would give it a try anyway. To my surprise she enjoyed eating it and more amazingly it has really helped. She hardly ever limps now and it is only for a short time. I will definitely carry on with Luposan, especially as she still has a lot of growing to do. This is a great product.
: 5/5
A brilliant product!
My 12 year old Spaniel really suffers with terrible old age joint pains. I bought Luposan because of the great recommendations and have been giving it to her once a day for the past three weeks. I started to notice a real difference after a few days. She is much livelier and moves more easily, even during the hot summer days. In fact I think she has gone backwards, from senior to junior. And she seems to like the taste; I’m convinced that she knows Luposan is doing her a power of good!
: 5/5
A really top product
We have been giving our Labrador Luposan for a few months now. He was only 6 months old when he started to limp. The vet could not work out what was wrong, especially as our dog was so young. But since we started giving him Luposan he is feeling much better and can move and play again. I’m so glad we gave Luposan a try.
: 5/5
Highly recommended!
Joey our Golden Retriever is nearly 14 years old and we have been feeding him Luposan for the past 6 years. Up to now we used it as a booster for a few weeks and then stopped for a while but I recently decided to cut it out completely because although he sometimes has joint problems the vet says he is very fit for his age. Anyway, after a short time I noticed that Joey was getting very bad and going downhill. We were very worried that we might have to have him put down. Anyway, I decided to give Luposan a try again and within a few days our dog was back to his old self. He can run around again, climb stairs without any problems and is generally more fit. We will continue with the Luposan for as long as Joey is with us. It’s worth every penny.
: 5/5
A miracle cure
Our 16 year old Pip has started dragging her leg if she lies down (sleeps) for too long and is having balance problems. The vet thought it was probably joint problems or calcification! We don’t want to put Pip through an operation because she is too old, so we looked for an alternative and I found out about Luposan. I started giving Pip Luposan twice daily and have now reduced it to once daily. We also feed her Hills Mature mini, vitamin B and dog treats which are good for joints. Amazingly she is back to jumping and bouncing around, enjoys running across fields and can get up and move easily, even after a long sleep. I would definitely recommend Luposan. It might cost a bit more, but it has improved my dog’s quality of life immeasurably.
: 4/5
She can run and play again
thanks to Luposan. My Kira is 3 years old and suffers from degenerative arthritis in her knees and hips. But now she can chase after sticks and play in the garden again. I can heartily recommend it.
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