Growth & Performance

Here you will find supplement products for puppies and young dogs, convalescent dogs, and dogs with high energy demands. These products are perfect for upbringing puppies as well as for daily ration supplement.
    3 products
    3 products
    bosch Puppy Milk

    High-quality milk substitute powder ideal for raising puppies away from their mothers, as well as offering a gentle transition from mother’s milk to solids, rich in milk proteins for healthy growth.

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    Economy Pack: 2 x 2kg
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    Royal Canin Babydog milk is an easily digestible, complete milk substitute for nursing puppies.

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    2kg (5 x 400g)
    €38.99€19.50 / kg
    GRAU Powdered Bovine Fat

    Energy-boost, enriched with glucose, quickly absorbed by the body, for pets with high energy requirements incl. police and sports dogs, suitable as an appetiser for fussy dogs and cats

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