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HOKAMIX 30 Forte Powder

Product description

HOKAMIX 30 Forte Powder 5 1
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Product description

Enriched with chlorella (freshwater algae), helps against stubborn, long-lasting skin and fur problems, binds heavy metals, with a natural growth factor for the regeneration of skin cells
Hokamix Forte is a natural dietary supplement containing 30 different components. The herb mix is especially effective against dietary-related skin problems. The different herbs support different bodily functions and lay the foundation for an optimal metabolism. The combination of the freshwater algae chlorella optimises the different characteristics of this herb mix. Chlorella has two particularly impressive characteristics: it supports a detoxification by binding heavy metals and has a natural growth factor (Chlorella Growth Factor), which helps skin cells to quickly regenerate. That's why Hokamix Forte is the ideal choice when faced with persistent problems.

Hokamix Forte is especially effective against:

  • Itchy skin
  • Dandruff
  • Extreme moulting
  • Eczema
  • Allergies
  • Bald Patches
The high effectiveness of Hokamix Powder Forte is thanks to the mix of freshwater algae chlorella. It's a one-celled micro-organism that supports the division of cells and the regeneration of tissue, and achieves excellent results against really stubborn, long-lasting skin and fur problems.

Dogs are carnivores, but even with high quality nutrition, many dogs suffer from dietary-related problems like dull, dry, itchy skin or aches because even good food can lose some of its nutrients during the cooking process.

Hokamix Forte is therefore the ideal dietary supplement for your dog, made up of herbs, each of which serves a specific purpose within the body of your dog. The components contained within Hokamix Forte support healthy digestion and a strong metabolism. It also allows you to provide your pet with the optimal balance of nutrients in its daily diet, ensuring happiness and vitality.


Alfalfa, vegetables (nettles), calamus, seeds (aniseed, linseed), lady's mantle, goldenrod, horsetail, St John's wort, lungwort, yarrow, spices (cayenne pepper, rosemary, pansy, algae (Chlorella 6%).

No additives, according to the manufacturer.

Analytical constituents

protein 12.1 %
fat 10.9 %
fibre 5.5 %
ash 49.3 %
calcium 12.5 %
phosphorus 0.8 %
moisture 4.6 %
sodium 0.2 %

Feeding guide

Daily Recommended Serving:
As a basic amount, every dog requires (puppies older than 3 weeks) 1g per kg of body weight per day
Dogs 1-15 kg: 1 - 15 g/day
Dogs 15-40 kg: 15 g/day
Dogs heavier than 40kg; 20 - 25 g/day.

Every container comes with a 5g serving spoon.
Supplementary feed for dogs.


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