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Pure, natural Moor product containing essential vitamins and minerals. Helps with digestion irregularities and stimulates the growth of gut flora - for cats, dogs & small pets...further information
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Product description

Pure, natural Moor product containing essential vitamins and minerals. Helps with digestion irregularities and stimulates the growth of gut flora - for cats, dogs & small pets

Sanofor from Grau contains pure, natural moor water. It's made up of organic substances from primitive plants. Sanofor supports the stomach-intestinal tract naturally, even neutralising excessive stomach acid, thus preventing hyeracidity of the stomach. Sanofor aids the intestine by cutting out the more difficult to digest ingredients from faeces and stimulating the intestinal flora, particularly following dietary issues (eg. the administration of antibiotics, a worm treatment).

Sanafor at a glance:
  • Supplementary food for dogs, cats and small pets
  • The vital nutrients in Sanafor:
    • Helps with digestive problems
    • Stimulates the growth of intestinal mucus and gut flora
    • Neutralises stomach acid
    • Supports production of new blood cells (high iron content, 400 mg/kg)
    • Can stop your pet from eating faeces and other waste
Helpful "gut bacteria" constantly regulate digestion in a healthy animal. Sanofor stimulates these bacteria and helps regulate their activity. Pure and exceptionally content-rich, Sanofor creates the foundation necessary for an animal's well being.

What especially sets Sanofor apart is its rich content of ingredients that stimulate both the generation of intestinal mucus and gut flora. A vital, healthy digestive system will help your animal absorb more nutrients and keep bowel movements regular and healthy. Sanofor helps prevent both constipation, incontinence, and flatulence.

When a food's nutrients are full absorbed, your pet's entire well-being benefits - you'll notice a radiant coat of fur and renewed vitality. Incredibly, Sanofor is tasteless and odourless, making it easy to administer to even the pickiest of animals such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.
Tips for small pets: Feeding Sanafor is a great solution, particularly for rabbits and guinea pigs, which are kept outside all the summer long. When transferring a pet from indoors to out-, it is important to note a few rules, which will ease the transition:
  • Begin by placing your pet in a run for 20 minutes per day and gradually increase over time
  • Ensure your pet has plenty of shade
  • White pets and albinos should really be kept in the shade all the time
  • By switching from dry food to grass, more liquid is introduced into your pet's diet, which may result in diarrhoea. The feeding of Sanofor can help to combat this.
This thousand year old Moor supplement shows yet again that nature has the greatest resources and keeps on providing us with natural, healthy supplements.


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Natural marsh extract, natural lignocellulose (0.5%).

No additives, according to the manufacturer.

Analytical constituents

protein0.8 %
fibre1.0 %
ash0.6 %
moisture91.0 %

Feeding guide

Recommended Dose:
Sanofor is a supplementary feed for dogs.

small dogs: 1 teaspoon daily
medium-sized dogs: 2 teaspoon daily
large dogs: 1 tablespoon daily
small cats and rodents: 1/2 teaspoon daily
Sanofor is best before a year after the seal has been broken. Always use with a clean spoon.
This product should NOT be stored in a fridge and should be kept away from frozen temperatures.


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Latest user reviews

09/02/23|Nichola sweeney
: 1/5
Awful it went mouldy within 48 hrs
: 1/5
Caused terrible unrelenting diarrhoea
Since starting this a few days ago, my dogs have had runny stools - at night, every night. They eat anything but when given a small teaspoon of this in with wet meat they were hesitant to eat it. I thought the runny poops would pass but no, im greeted with it all over the floor, in their bed etc....whatever this is, for these outdoor working dogs, its really upset their previously perfect stools. The cats wouldnt eat this. Try powdered probiotics - they work!! Not this ‘marsh mud’, awful!
05/22/17|Vicky Waring
: 3/5
My cats wouldn't touch it,
I tried to hide it in food (it's black so it doesn't hide very well) and added some more wet meat but my two cats wouldn't touch it. It doesn't smell to me but they must be able to smell it - what a waste of £15! I wish smaller tubs were available so you could try it.
Originally published in
04/27/17|rosemary rudkin
: 5/5
My cat was diagnosed with severe IBS. Vet visits did little to help.This product has really helped Merlin. although he still has outbreaks overall he is so much better and i am not having disturbed nights getting up to empty his tray. This product i recommend and am so pleased Zooplus stock it.
Originally published in
07/30/16|Rod Taylor
: 3/5
Went Mouldy
This product is wet, it resembles fine mud.Cat was quite happy to eat food with this product stirred in but Within a week of opening it this product developed a fine mould across the surface. Its gone into the bin as I don't trust the effect the mould might have on my cat.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Saved my sanity
This produce saved my sanity. I have bought kittens with very bad intestinal problems. they couldn't eat anything. This has been and is best thing. They would not take it with their food, so I bought them Felix oh so good. This has worked, they had their food and I was able to give them Sanofor. They soon realized there was an extra in the food, but few months down the line, I can still do this whenever they have flare up.
Originally published in
07/26/15|mrs lj
: 1/5
Didn't work at all
Was very optimistic after reading the good reviews on this product, but almost a week later my cat still has watery stools. Very disappointed. Will try fortiflora next.
: 5/5
Worked immediately..
We have 2 x 4 month old kittens and one of them kept having runny stools. Effective one day after first treatment, mixed in half teaspoon with cat food pouch and he didnt seem to mind; consistency and appearance of black paste. Kitten seems much happier and much more lively too.
: 5/5
It really saves me and my mini poodle pup
It's been more than 2 months that my mini poodle pup constantly having diarrhea. We done the fecal sample test, preliminary results shown no parasite nor worms in his tummy. Lately, he had pooped blood, looked irritated and uncomfortable. The situation was a bit hopeless as he's been on and off relying on anti-biotics which didn't help him for a long run. I then found this digestion supplement as the Pro-Kolin given by the vet didn't work well, either. Sanofor moor water/ oil worked instantly on the day I fed my pup. He literally had 1 tea spoon of Sanofor mixed with his regular dog food, and had solid stool in the afternoon. I was so so so happy to see he's back to normal/ healthy again. Thanks a lot for Zooplus and the manufacture who produced this product. It's just amazing!!
: 5/5
Sanofor has helped my dog...
My dog has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and has been on antibiotics and a PPI for the last few weeks and would not eat due to the pain in his gut. I have since used Hunters Fish Oil and Sanofor on his hydrolyzed protein dog food (z/d), and he has suddenly started to eat and his diarrhoea has also cleared up. This could be due to the antibiotics suddenly working after 2-3 weeks, the fish oil or the sanofor, but I suspect it is a combination of everything. Either way, this product is odourless, palatable, and definately has not made matters any worse. So in my opinion Sanofor has in all likelyhood really helped my dog......So I have to recommend!
11/28/13|Eunice Knott
: 5/5
We got a Siamese kitten who suffered from the runs after he'd been with us a couple of days. We took him to the Vet who gave him antibiotics. When they wore off the runs started again. I did some research and tried him on this. It worked straight away, (his next stools were firmer and the ones after that were solid). Now if any of my cats have sickness or the runs, I give them this and it ALWAYS works straight away. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I don't like antibiotics because they don't just kill the bugs, they kill all the good bacteria which can cause long term damage to the stomach lining. I always keep a pot of this on standby.
Originally published in
04/29/13|Jaqui Bacon
: 5/5
It REALLY works!!
I have a year old Bengal boy who suffered from loose stools, My vet done a battery of tests and could not find anything wrong which was frustrating. Vet advised prescription diets! Well several script diets later I decided to look elsewhere.(The diets did not work one or two made his stools worse and it cost me a small fortune) I decided to try Sanofor and within two or three days my cats stools were a lot firmer and within the next few days of using Sanofor his stools were normal. He is lot happier and my other cats benefited as well shinier coats they ate better as well and seem to have more energy so its a win win win situation all round. So thank you zooplus just wish I'd found Sanofor earlier.
Originally published in
09/11/12|Eunice Knott
: 5/5
Definitely Works
This product is amazing. We had a kitten with a low tolerance to prepared cat foods which gave him the runs. Antibiotics only worked for a short time then it came back. I found this product mentioned on a forum. It worked WONDERS. Now he can eat any type of cat food. If he ever gets a bad tummy we give him this for a day or two and it is sorted out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Originally published in
: 5/5
Tried most other things, this works for my cat!
After vets bills for several hundred pounds and many different foods, this is the first thing that has worked for my elderly Ragdoll cat, who has for many weeks had very loose stools. I was totally lost when it arrived and had to come back to this page as there are no English instructions on the pot. It has taken a few days to achieve a more normal stool, but are there now. The product is a little strange looking but odourless and the cat quite likes the taste, I mix it with a very small amount of tuna and he eats it very quickly. Thanks so much!
: 5/5
does what i want it to do
my dogs poo was mushy so i started to give him sanofor. Next day and every day from that moment on his poo is firm like a dogs poo should be. Also my dog started to gain weight, he used to be to skinny, don't know if it's his age that made him gain weight (>15 months)or the sanofor. Anyway, the quality of his poo is 100 % for sure because of sanofor.