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Bowls & Water Bottles

Here you'll find a great selection of water bottles and dispensers, as well as bowls, dishes and containers for hay. You're sure to find the perfect style and size for your rabbit, hamster, gerbil or rat here at zooplus.
    5 products
    5 products

    On Sale Now

    A practical, chrome metal fruit and vegetable holder which you can hang from the cage. It keeps the fruit clean and hygienic and provides plenty of exercise and fun for your pet.

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    1 Varieties from
    Was €1.79 Now€1.49

    Bowls & Water Bottles

    A durable, easy-to-clean, glass water bottle. Non-drip nozzle with double ball-bearing design. Attachment hanger and a plastic carrot water-level indicator. Dishwasher safe

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    355 ml
    Was €6.99 Now€5.99

    Food Bowls

    Cute ceramic bowl with hamster, rabbit or guinea pig design, hygienic and easy to clean

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    3 Varieties from
    Hamster 80 ml, Ø 8 cm
    Was €2.99 Now€2.49
    Guinea Pig 250 ml, Ø 11 cm
    Was €2.99 Now€2.49
    Rabbit 250 ml, Ø 11 cm
    Was €3.99 Now€3.29

    Water Bottles

    A practical drinking bottle for rabbits and small pets, available in a range of different sizes, made from transparent plastic with a rust-resistant stainless steel valve and spill-proof technology.

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    4 Varieties from
    150 ml (hamster)
    Was €2.79 Now€2.29
    320 ml (rabbit)
    Was €2.99 Now€2.49
    600 ml (large rabbit)
    Was €2.99 Now€2.49
    1000 ml (Giant)
    Was €5.49 Now€4.49

    Practical Water Bottle to provide daily fresh water for your rabbit

    Delivery in 1-5 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Was €9.49 Now€7.99

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