Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2

80 x 50 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
High quality, completely collapsible cage for rats, gerbils and other small pets, with colourful accessories, easy and quick to assemble without tools, thin bar spacing (9.5 mm)...further information
Product description
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2
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80 x 50 x 70 cm (L x W x H)337231.0

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Product description

High quality, completely collapsible cage for rats, gerbils and other small pets, with colourful accessories, easy and quick to assemble without tools, thin bar spacing (9.5 mm)

The Zeno 2 Small Pet Cage is a robust, solid home for rats and other small rodents. Thanks to the particularly thin bar spacing (9.5 mm), this cage is also perfect for pets with young. The colourful, high quality basic accessories make it a perfect home for your pets to play and relax in.

The Zeno 2 Small Pet Cage can be easily disassembled for space-saving storage when not in use. It can also be assembled quickly and easily without any tools or other accessories. The large door at the front of the cage provides easy access to the cage, and is equipped with an intelligent snap lock, that can be easily opened from the outside, but also prevents the pets inside from breaking out.

The cage also comes with high quality, colourful accessories: a steel bowl to hang on the side of the cage, a plastic water bottle (500 ml), and a bright pink corner platform with climbing ladder. The cage also includes a durable hammock made of green nylon, with a soft black fleece lining: perfect for comfy snoozing.

The Savic Small Pet Cage Zeno 2 at a glance:

  • Material: plastic (Polypropylene) und coated metal (100% non-toxic)
  • Thin bar spacing, thus suitable for young pets
  • Completely collapsible
  • Large front door with intelligent snap lock
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Colour:
    • Base: black
    • Bars: silver coating
    • Plastic struts: anthracite
  • Cage accessories:
    • 1 plastic corner platform (fuchsia)
    • 1 plastic ladder (fuchsia)
    • 1 Relax hammock (green/black)
    • 1 steel bowl with hooks for hanging up
    • 1 plastic water bottle (500 ml), with hooks for hanging up
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 80 x 50 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
    • Bar spacing: 9.5 mm
    • Base height: 16 cm
    • Door: 22 x 25 cm (W x H)
    • Corner platform: 39 x 39 x 3 cm (L x W x H)
    • Ladder: 43 x 15 cm (L x W)
    • Bowl: diameter 9.5 x H 5 cm
    • Hammock: 40 x 22.5 cm (L x W)

Please note: Due to the bar spacing, this cage is not suitable for fancy mice.


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Latest user reviews

: 3/5
Missing pieces
The cage came incomplete with missing accessories. We had to use strong cable ties to hold it together. Its a fine little cage though. Only use it when visiting family.
: 5/5
Works great
I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of this cage, I use it for my 2 gerbils and it works really great, there is plenty of space for them to climb and run around and they seem happy in it, I've installed a good quality bedding for the cage and removed the plastic parts based on a suggestion I've read on a pet rodent website they said it's not safe for gerbils to have plastic objects in the cage and they will gnaw on it if you can propose wooden or maybe wire equivalent I guess it.
02/05/20|Stephanie Lawless
: 4/5
Great cage
I have this cage for two rats. It's a great cage and there is plenty of room for my two boys my ONLY issue with it is that there is only one door and it's not that big so it does make it awkward as I like to change the cage accesories around every week. I removed the ledge to give extra room for ladders , ropes ect. If you dont want a huge cage that will take up half your sitting room I would highly recommend this one.
: 5/5
Good cage
definitely looks smaller in the pictures than it is in person, I was impressed. there’s plenty of room to add other things - i’ve added a two tier hammock, there’s room to hang various ladders/ropes for climbing. the included hammock is lined with a soft fluffy material. the plastic base is deeper than expected and also rounded, so there shouldn’t be issues with chewing. I got it as i’m getting two rats in the near future, i hope they are as happy with this cage as i am.
: 4/5
Great priced starter cage.
I bought this for my son's 2 young rats, we also bought additional shelf & several tubes & hammocks. We've had it for about a month now and it's a really good space for the young rats, we dont use the ramps as they prefer climbing. It is also gaad as you can vary the layoit to keep thrm interested. However I feel that when they are fully grown something bigger will be more suitable. Great product at a great price from Zooplus.
27/06/18|Rowan Cervantes
: 4/5
Rat cage
When it arrived I was surprised at how big it was. Easy to assemble, but a little bit tricky getting the sides into the black grooves. My rats, Salt and Pepper seem really happy in their new home.
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: 5/5
Love my cage
Pros: As described, spacious, attractive colour scheme, sturdy, secure, spacious Cons: a bit tricky to assemble with one person, water bottle leaked and had to be replaced Overall this is a very good cage for a couple of ratties and I'm very happy with it
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: 5/5
Great cage :)
Bought this cage as my first ever rat cage, it was great quality and overall a very good cage for the price. However the cage did arrive a little dusty so you may want to take that into account if you plan on housing rats in it straight away, I personally wanted to clean it before letting any pets in.
02/02/17|Kirsty Felton
: 4/5
Great Size Some Problems
Delivery was very quick, the cage was easy to assemble, but for some odd reason there was a lot of what looked like black plastic dust covering the bottom of the cage, which was a pain to clean up as it also covered the other items that were inside. The bar spacing is very good. The cage would better with another shelf to put on the other side of the cage as my rats were finding it hard to go up the ramp, as well as a second top opening, but overall a good sized cage and my girls are happy.
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: 5/5
Great size
It's a very great size for your rats.Its at a excellent price and it's good that it comes with a water bottle and a great size bowl.My 2 female rats really like it and I would defenetly recommend it.
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: 5/5
Great first cage
After lots of research I finally decided to settle on this cage for my first pair of rat girlies. The cage is a decent size but I would not house more than two in here. In fact I am upgrading to a bigger cage after months of using this one. However, I will be keeping this cage as a holiday home because it is just a great cage! The easy closing mechanism on the door has saved me countless times in one handed rat battles. The base is also super easy to clean. I really like the colour scheme also. The grey bars are easy on the eyes. Some plastic parts did break on assembly which means my cage is no longer collapsible so be careful. Though All in all a great value first cage!
: 5/5
Nice and spacious!
I keep two female rats in this cage. It seems much bigger in person than the dimensions suggest. The plastic base is easy to clean out and there's lots of floor space for tunnels etc. There's also plenty of space to hang toys on the bars. The door is in the middle at the side and has a good rat-safe fastener but it would be better if there was a way to hold it open.
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: 4/5
Nice cage. Picture does not do it justice, way bigger than it looks. Great size for my 3 females. Bar spacing is perfect. Only downside is the price dropped by €20 a few days after I ordered.
: 4/5
Great looking cage
This is a nice looking, spacious cage. Easy to assemble, door is nice and secure, and the base is sturdy and deep enough to keep substrate from being tossed out by digging ratties. I keep three boys in this cage - and I think that's the limit for this size of cage. I purchased an extra shelf and removed the ramp to encourage climbing. There's lots of additional space for extra hanging toys and hammocks. The only thing that's pesky is the access door. I end up contorting myself into unusual positions to reach things in the cage. A door on the top would have made this cage perfect. However, for the price, I feel this is an excellent starter cage for a new owner.
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08/06/14|Emma Springett
: 4/5
A nice sized cage for rats with plenty of room for toys
This cage is a really nice size for a pair or trio of rats, i wouldn't put any more than three in there. I love the black and pink colour, it looks stylish and adds a girly touch. The bar spacing is good, not too wide, so you wouldn't have to worry about putting young rats in. The cage could do with coming with another shelf to put on the other side, but its also nice to have the space to add your own hanging toys/beds etc. The base is nice and deep, which means less mess. The ramp up to the shelf only has very shallow groves in it, which isn't the best for gripping, I have put a branch up to the shelf on the other side to, as my rats tend to go up the ramp fine but dislike going down it. I feel another door would have been useful on this cage, a top opening one perhaps, as sometimes it's hard to reach around things.
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22/04/14|Erin Homer
: 4/5
Great size cage access door to small!!
The cage arrived well packaged it was also easy and quick to assemble. Spacious to put ropes, ladders, hammocks, wheel and tunnels etc my rats really enjoy their time in it! The only downfall is there is one small door at the front which makes it really difficult to change things around unless you take the whole cage off the base! All in all though it is a fantastic cage :)
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: 5/5
Easy to put together and all in all good cage
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