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Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows

Product description

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Product description

Premium hay from uncultivated meadows, provides varied flavours and textures with naturally diverse plants, herbs and flowers. Carbon-neutral farming without manure or fertilizer. Gently air-dried.
Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows is a carbon-neutral product that is produced in harmony with nature. It comes from uncultivated meadows that have not been treated with manure or fertilizers. Regular mowing maintains the natural plant diversity, which translates into a varied hay feed for your small pet. The meadows are only mowed very late in the season – never before mid-June – in consultation with expert naturalists, to ensure that nesting creatures are not disturbed.

This super premium hay consists of a wide variety of plants, herbs and flowers. Gentle warm air drying after mowing helps the hay to hold on to its natural colour and flavours. Its long, crunchy stems are very popular with small pets.

Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows at a glance:

  • Natural hay for dwarf rabbits and rodents
  • Varied flavours: made from a natural variety of different plants, herbs and flowers
  • Helps to protect natural habitats: produced without fertilizer or manure, and mowed late in the season so as not to disturb nesting animals
  • Gently dried: warm air drying helps to retain natural flavours. Carbon neutral
  • Pets love it because of the flavour diversity and long, crunchy stems
  • Hand picked and packed by hand: gently sifted and packed by hand to maintain quality


Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Bunny Hay from Protected Meadows is a single-ingredient supplementary food for dwarf rabbits and rodents.


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