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Outback Classic Hutch

Product description

Outback Classic Hutch 5 64
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Classic I & Run: 104 x 52 x 92 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

Comfortable, weather-proof rabbit hutch with integrated run, roof completely opens up, all-day use, lockable door for safety, floor cover provides easy cleaning
The Outback Classic Hutch is a comfy, 2-level wooden hutch made of hardened spruce. The upper part of the hutch consists of an enclosed sleeping area and an open living space. Both can be easily reached via the two doors on the front and through the roof. The front of the sleeping area is fitted with a small wooden door to protect your pet against intensive sun rays, wind and rain, and provide it with a place to retreat to. The large door on the left of the hutch's upper level is fitted with wire mesh to ensure your pet always has plenty of fresh air flowing through its home. This also allows you to keep an eye on your pet.
A lockable small passageway with a ramp connects the upper hutch to the run below. With this you can decide whether to keep your pet upstairs in the hutch or to allow it use both levels. If you want to use the hutch all day long, it is important that your pet is protected against predators like weasels and it's times like those that being able to lock the upper level is particularly useful.

The Classic Hutch has treated wood and a special tar roof, making the entire unit completely weatherproof.

The Outback Classic Hutch at a glance:

  • Rabbit hutch with integrated run, dual levels
  • Upper hutch area: hutch and separate sleeping area
  • Lower hutch area: run
  • Two levels are connected via a ramp and a small passageway
  • Lockable passageway door for all-day use
  • Small pet hutch: safe nighttime retreat, protection against predators
  • 2 front doors: wooden door (sleeping area) and mesh door (hutch area)
  • Wooden door: protection against wind and rain, total relaxation
  • Mesh door: plenty of fresh air, good air ventilation in hutch, orientation for your pet
  • Easy access to pet and hutch via front doors
  • Tar papered roof totally opens up
  • Weather-proof
  • Special floor cover for easy cleaning
  • Made of hardened spruce
  • Easy assembly
  • Please Note: Classic II & Run cannot be delivered to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

You can find the Classic Outdoor Run under the following link:

Technical Details at a glance:
Dimensions Compact I. Compact II.
Total size (LxWxH) 104 x 52 x 92 cm 116 x 63 x 92 cm
Bar thickness Ø 2 / 3 cm (vertically / horizontally) Ø 2 / 3 cm (vertically / horizontally)
Bar spacing 2.5 cm 2.5 cm
Interior (LxWxH) 89.5 x 42.5 x 44.5/37 (front/back) cm 101.5 x 53.5 x44.5/37 (front/back) cm
Total height 92/89 cm (front/back) 92/89 cm (front/back)
Roof incl. hinges (LxH) 104 x 52 cm 116 x 63 cm
Wooden door (LxH) 27 x 37 cm cm 27 x 37 cm
Wall thickness 1 cm 1 cm




For additional information regarding advised care, safety and liability, please read the attached "Hutch and Runs Information"


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