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Vitakraft Guinea Pig Cracker Sticks Trio-Mix

Product description

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3 x 3 Pack Combo (Honey, Grape, Fruit)
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Product description

Vitrakraft classic healthy grain snack that's baked extra hard. Entertainment that's very high quality from Germany. Contains 3 cracker sticks.
Original Vitakraft Crackers® are pure flavour and entertainment in one. Your guinea pig can nibble away to its heart's content. The delicious seed mix is specially formulated for guinea pigs and contains healthy vitamins for a healthy guinea pig's life. Triple baking the treat in the Vitakraft bakery guarantees extra long nibbling fun for your pet. The wooden stick inside the crackers helps with the natural abrasion of the teeth. Vitacraft Crackers Trio-Mix provides a bit of variety. Each Trio-Mix set contains 3 different flavours: Trio-Mix with Citrus & Orange, Vegetables & Beetroot and Honey & Spelt and Forest & Elderberries or Trio-Mix with Honey & Spelt, Grape & Nut and Fruit & Flakes.
Vitakraft Guinea Pig Cracker Sticks Trio-Mix at a glance:
  • Made specifically for guinea pigs
  • A sugar-free recipe
  • With healthy vitamins
  • Triple-baked onto an untreated wooden stick
  • Comes with clips for attachment

Trio-Mix Citrus & Orange / Vegetables & Beetroot / Honey & Spelt (168g): 1 x Citrus & Orange cracker® + 1 x Vegetables & Beetroot cracker® + 1 x Honey & Spelt cracker®
Trio-Mix Honey & Spelt / Grape & Nut / Fruit & Flakes (168g): 1 x Honey & Spelt cracker® + 1 x Grape & Nut cracker® + 1 x Fruit & Flakes cracker®



Honey & Spelt, Grape & Nut, Fruit & Flakes:
Honey & Spelt:
Grains (1.6% spelt), vegetable by-products, minerals (1.1%), seeds, honey (0.32%).

Grape & Nut:
Grains, nuts (11.6%), vegetable by-products, fruit (2% currants), minerals (1.1%), honey.

Fruit & Flakes:
Grains (3.2% wheat flakes, 7.2% oat flakes), vegetable by-products, minerals (1.1%), seeds, fruit (2%), honey.


Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (6600 IU), vitamin D3 (660 IU), vitamin C (500mg).

Analytical constituents

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Cracker Sticks Trio-Mix is a supplementary food.
Max 1 cracker per week as a treat.
Fresh water and hay should always be made available.


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