JR Farm coarse feed

Meadow flowers 300 g
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The tasty alternative to hay...further information
Product description
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
JR Farm coarse feed
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Product description

The tasty alternative to hay

Fibre is an essential part of every herbivorous small pet's diet. Natural plant products such as hay are particularly good source. JR Farm offers tasty alternatives to hay, introducing some variety to your pet's daily diet.
Choose from the following -
  • Garden herbs:
    green oats, green wheat, parsley, balm, peppermint, nettle, dandelion, camomile
  • Meadow flowers:
    gently dried pasture grass with aromatic flowers, rich in natural vitamins and fibre for good digestion
  • Parsley stalks:
    a healthy treat with lots of natural vitamin C, particularly suitable for guinea pigs
  • Ribwort:
    ribwort and cornflowers
  • Dandelion:
    rich in vitamins, with extra trace elements and minerals such as calcium and inulin.


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: 5/5
smells gorgeous!
pigs love it, green, fresh and delicious
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