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Bunny Hay Active Snack Set

Product description

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2 x 30g
(€11.32 / 100g)
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Product description

A delicious mixed feed in a sack for rabbits and small pets, ideal for hanging in a run and offering an exciting search for snacks in a tasty, crunchy combination of hay, vegetables and flowers.
Simply hang the sack up in your pet’s run and let the hunt begin – this Bunny Hay Active Snack Set offers rabbits and small pets great variety as well as hours of enjoyment! Inside the jute sack you will find a combination of delicious, fragrant mixed feed made from hay, vegetables and flowers. Your pet can snuffle around the slits in the sack and find itself a tasty treat! This activates natural, instinctive behaviours and keeps your pet entertained, calm and happy.

The Bunny Hay Active Snack Set contains an irresistible selection of your pet’s favourite vegetables. Alongside crunchy hay, both varieties contain delicious ingredients such as celery, chicory root, pepper, rosehip peel or marigold flowers. The hay serves not only as a tasty nibble, but also as ideal nesting material. This diverse set from Bunny addresses your pet’s natural instincts and meets its specific needs.

Bunny Hay Active Snack Set at a glance:

  • Mixed feed for rabbits and small pets, in a jute sack
  • 2 appealing varieties: contains two sacks with flavoursome garden ingredients, including crunchy hay, vegetables and flowers
  • Exciting hunt for food: your rabbit or small pet can sniff out its food through the small slits in the sack, offering hours of amusement
  • Promotes natural behaviours: awakens your pet’s natural instincts and keeps it busy
  • Fun and enthusiasm: for variety, balance and happiness
  • Easy to use: simply hang the sack up in a run or enclosure and let the hunting fun begin
  • Delicious treats inside: each variety contains appealing components alongside the crunchy hay, including celery, parsnips, chicory root, parsley stalks, birch leaves and other flowers
  • Nesting material: this hay can also be ideal for building a nest, as well as offering a tasty treat
  • Premium quality: all Bunny natural products are designed to meet the needs of your pet and are approved by veterinarians


Hay Active Snack Favourite Vegetables (30g):
Hay, parsnips, chicory root, pepper, pumpkin, broccoli, parsley stalks (20% vegetables).

Hay Active Snack Backyard Bliss (30g):
Hay, carrots, parsley roots, chicory root, celery, rosehip peel, birch leaves, cornflower blossoms, marigold flowers, blackcurrant leaves, primrose flowers, rose petals.

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