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Trixie Snacky Ball

Product description

Trixie Snacky Ball 4 19
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diameter 7 cm
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Product description

Add a touch of fun to your small pet's cage, fill this ball with food or treats, entertainment and amusement for all rodents, diameter 7cm, colour cannot be chosen
This snack ball can be filled with small treats of various sizes. The opening can be adjusted to suit the size of the treats.

This toy will keep your small pet entertained for hours on end. However, you should bear in mind that a toy can't replace love and attention. 

Allow your pet some time to get used to how this toy works. You should remove the toy from your pet's cage after it has finished playing so it doesn't lose interest.

Note: You should supervise your pet when it plays with this toy. Check the toy regularly for damage and replace it if a piece is missing to prevent injury to your pet. Make sure that the ball itself is not being chewed on. If this is the case, the ball should be removed because swallowing pieces of plastic can lead to intestinal obstruction!

Colour may differ from photo. The colour of the toy cannot be chosen.


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