Concept for Life Dog Snacks

Concept for Life is a unique, scientific-based nutritional concept, which focuses on your dog’s individual well-being and dietary requirements. Concept for Life Snacks have been developed to meet your dog's specific dietary needs. Concept for Life – tailored nutrition for your dog ★ Exclusive to zooplus!
    3 products
    3 products

    Mono-protein dogs snacks with a low allergy potential. These single protein, grain-free snacks are made with mealworms, crickets and sweet potatoes so they are ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

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    Mono-protein dog snacks made with insects. Tasty grain-free snacks with a low allergy potential and just one source of animal protein - ideal for dogs with sensitive digestions. Stock up now!

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    Sweet Potato
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    Grain-free dog snacks with a novel source of protein. These tasty treats with mealworms, crickets and carrots have a low allergy potential so they are suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities.

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