Pedigree Senior Dog Food

As your dog ages, they require specialist nutrition to help them stay fit and healthy. Senior dogs can often suffer from painful joints and may start to gain excess weight as their activity levels reduce. Pedigree offers a selection of dry food and wet food for elderly dogs.
5 products
5 products
Pedigree Senior 8+ Complete - Vital Protection Chicken

Pedigree Complete Senior 8+ dog food for dogs aged 8 years or older. Meaty chunks with chicken provide vital proteins and omega-3 fatty acids support healthy joints

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€38.99€3.00 / kg
Pedigree Senior Classic 12 x 400g

Balanced complete food for senior dogs of any breed, perfect for meeting the special nutritional needs of older dogs and with omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, with no artificial additives or sugar.

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Lamb & Poultry
€21.99€4.58 / kg
Saver Pack: Lamb & Poultry (24 x 400g)
individually priced €43.98Now€40.49€4.22 / kg

Now buy a 56-stick pack of regular Pedigree Dentastix and a 28-stick pack of Pedigree Fresh Dentastix at a special discounted price!

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Large Dentastix (56 Sticks) & Fresh (28 Sticks)
individually priced €27.98Now€20.99€0.65 / 100g

Dental care sticks by Pedigree, ideal for small, medium and large dogs, special texture, with active cleaning ingredients proven to reduce plaque and tartar, low in fat

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Small Dogs (5-10kg) (7 Sticks)
€2.79€25.36 / kg
Small Dogs (5-10kg) (28 Sticks)
€6.99€15.89 / kg
Small Dogs (5-10kg) (56 Sticks)
€14.29€16.24 / kg
Medium Dogs (10-25kg) (5 Sticks)
€2.79€2.18 / 100g
Medium Dogs (10-25kg) (28 Sticks)
€8.99€12.49 / kg

Dental care snacks for dogs, helping to reduce the build up of plaque and with a flexible structure that encourages long-lasting chewing, developed by vets and with various size options.

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Medium (80g)
€2.29€2.86 / 100g
Saver Pack: Medium (9 x 80g)
individually priced €20.61Now€18.99€26.38 / kg