Dental & Oral Health

It can be a challenge keeping a cats mouth clean and healthy. Dental diets are clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build up and so prevent cavities and infections.
Important information: Please consult your vet before feeding your pet with a therapeutic veterinary diet. You should take your pet to the vet for a check-up every 6 months. Should your pet's health worsen while using this product, please seek veterinary advice immediately. By adding this product to your shopping basket you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information.


    3 products
    3 products

    Hill's Prescription Diet Feline t/d Dental Care is a complete dietetic food for adult cats that has been especially formulated to support tooth and gum health with a special fibre matrix.

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    Dietetic dry food for adult cats to prevent struvite stone recurrence and to help with dental issues, kibble with a brushing effect, calcium chelators, can help to keep the mouth healthy 

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    Keep your pet's teeth sparkling with this quality dental care set: toothbrush with large & small head, silicone finger cot for extra gentle dental cleaning and a vegan tooth gel with chicken flavour.

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    Toothbrush, silicone finger cot, vegan tooth gel (50ml)