03/05/15 | BeLoVeD
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Happier Canary and other parakeets

As a new customer to Zooplus and, after much research, I gave the JR Birds Individual Canary Food a try just going by the description. My solitary Canary (age unknown as came upon him flying around a restaurant) is straight on it. He sits himself in the food bowl and eats. It looks and smells fresh which, to me, is a satisfactory sign. My GK Conure and a few young budgies tuck in to this food also. Delivery process by DPD was excellent too. I have re-ordered. :)
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

my canary

I only have the one, he is my friend! yes! had him for just short of a year now,, and tried various canary seeds, got this from Zooplus, he loves it.. couldn`t make up the order to save on p&P so got some other seed He doesn`t like it,, he only wants this seed, so very much recommended going by my special canary.