Like crack for cats

My British short hair literally won't eat anything else now, which is a little bit annoying but there you go, awesome cat food.

03/12/18 | Stefan


My BSH absolutely loves this stuff, it settled his stomach, the house no longer smells of poop and I don't need to clean his bowl anymore because he licks it clean everyday! So far nothing comes even close to this stuff, the container is also easily recycled.


Cats love it and carry on at MEOW time!

This doesn't get left, it's as simple as that. If it does, the cats aren't well! I've always bought applaws and hilife as they are very good quality and my old cat has arthritis but the expense was ridiculous. This is good quality and they love it as if it were applaws so why not?

02/05/17 | Jess


I've tried all the high meat content cat food such as Cats finefood, Grau, Feringa, and Lily's kitchen but found my cats would go off them very quickly. Plus the high price tag of the food was becoming unsustainable. Animonda vom Feinstein hits the right balance of content and price. I always buy this to mix with the cheaper brand food so my cats have a high protein diet.

06/23/16 | Amy

Seem to have settled on a brand and flavour for our fussy pair

After eating a food for a bit then refusing it, we've finally found a wet food and flavour, that our pair consistently eat, and clear their bowls of. They love the multi meat cocktail variety of this.

10/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Multi-Meat Cocktail and Salmon & Shrimp - our favourites! :)

Our car loves dinnertime variety and the Multi-Meat Cocktail and Salmon & Shrimp are his absolute favourites! He eats them every day - brilliant!

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