12/02/18 | Lotus shephard

Good food for fussy kitties

I have 3 cats who are all fussy eaters,I bought this food for them and they absolutely love it so much they all lick their bowls clean

10/17/18 | Amber

Fussy cat

My cat is very fussy she also has a sensitive stomach, she LOVES this food which I brought on chance as she's not very keen on beef

09/19/18 | Socio

A great option

I have only tried the beef and cod flavour for my cat who’s allergic to poultry. No issues whatsoever, he licks the bowl clean every time!!

04/26/18 | Annarosa Ivaldi

not as before

I always bought a lot of Carny, various tastes, and my cat was very happy with, no problems at all. Now the tins come not tightened and I had to claim for. It happened 3 times. My cat had vomit after the first tin but only because I didn't see immediately that the tin had lost the vacuum sealing. I hope that Zooplus will do something with the producer.

03/09/18 | Simone

Fantastic product - happy cat

We are now spending less on cat food at a much higher quality with actual meat inside not just 4% as with whiskas and the likes. Our cat is happy and enjoys feeding time. He likes all tastes except the pure beef, not touching it.


Cats love the taste but it gave 1 of them diarrhoea

We have 2 cats, both of which love the taste of the Beef, Chicken & Duck Hearts- however it gave one of our cats diarrhoea for weeks, I assume because of the high offal content. Be careful

08/08/17 | Nav

Great food, great price.

Fantastic food, at a good price.

05/17/17 | Nichola Chaplin

My cat loves it

After looking around for a decent cat food that's not full of added sugar because my cat was over weight I came across this. He loves it, he was a fussy cat wouldn't eat beef flavoured, wouldn't eat out of a tin had to be out of a packet. Was always leaving food and it went off. Now he clears his dish, has lost weight and has bags of energy and a lovely coat. Will never go back to supermarket food.

04/29/17 | Mal Nash


That the tins are in German does pose a challenge so I made a chart with both the German and English names on it. Still not easy so I numbered them and quickly write the number on each tin in waterproof ink when I unpack them. I can then refer to the chart to see which one I’m giving them. Have put the chart in another review titled “Translation Chart” since thought it might be useful.

04/29/17 | Mal Nash


This is an excellent cat food and my 3 cats really like it. No they don’t like all the varieties but they like most. Started by buying 8 varieties in 6 x 200 gm packs to try out. Of the eight 6 were real winners. They didn’t flat out reject any of them. None of my cats have had any problems digesting the food. I do realize some cats will and this can always happen with a new food. I doubt there is any cat food out there that will agree with every cat.

04/29/17 | Mal Nash


CARNY ADULT 1. Rind, Huhn + Entenherzen - Beef, Chicken & Duck Hearts 2. Rind, Pute + Kaninchen - Beef, Turkey & Rabbit 3. Rind + Huhn - Beef & Chicken 4. Rind, Pute + Shrimp - Beef, Turkey & Shrimp 5. Rind + Kabeljau mit Petersilienwurzein - Beef & Cod with Parsley Root 6. Rind + Herz - Beef & Heart 7. Rind + Reh mit Preisebeeren - Beef & Venison with Cowberries 8. Multi - Fleischcocktail - Meat Saucer

04/20/17 | Christina Wilkes

My 3 senior cats love it

It took me a while to find the right food for my fussy cats. 2 years ago 1 of my cats developed diabetes and i needed to find a high protein low carb food. Well i have found it . My diabetic cat is down from 4 units twice a day to 2 units twice a day. He could go into remission all because of the right food.


So good you want to eat it yourself! Corned beef smell.

I am actually vegan but everytime I open this I get that inner caveman come out that's how good this smells! Cats LOVE it....it's easy to cut up and great value I'd say.

03/16/17 | Steph

Great quality meat

I really wanted to feed my cats something's more meaty compared to stuff like felix or whiskas that basically has nothing to it. This is very meaty, smells really good, my cats love it and it's so much better for them. It's also the cheapest real meat based cat food that has the important stuff like taurine! My cats were unsure at first but love can't get enough of it.

03/07/17 | Phil

Great food ragamuffins love it

This went down well with my 2 ragamuffins, every last bit is gone from there bowl. Good quality cat food with a good meat content, I will be buying the 800g tins next time around. Great work carny!

03/07/17 | Patricia

Meat varieties without chicken. At last.

My two cats (sisters) are allergic to poultry, and it is lovely to find meat cat food which is not predominantly chicken, so they can have a change from fish. (Please note, only some varieties are poutry free.) They love this.

03/05/17 | Lisa

No more digestion issues!

Changed both my cats to this after some research on why at least three times a week my older cat (12) was vomiting the usual Felix pouches back up. The grain free and higher meat content has turned meal times around. No more vomiting and much happier and healthier cats. Higher meat content smells so much better too when you open a tin! , 👍🏻

02/12/17 | Charlie

Good quality food, but not my cats favourite

I bought this small pack to try on my 2 cats who have long eaten whiskas/gourmet/felix/sheba, along with other European brands (Smilla and Bozita). I bought the meat saucer as it has the least amount of beef in it - I read some comments that beef can be quite rich for cats and give them diarrhoea. My cats happily ate this food and don't seem to mind eating it. I would agree that this food is drier than other similar brands and quite condensed, so my cats eat less food now. Will buy again.

02/05/17 | zoe

it's good but not the best

I bought two flavours, pure beef and chicken+beef. They are both good but seems drier than other makes. given both has pieces of fat at the bottom, I recommend beef+ chicken because there are many tiny little bits of fat throughout the whole tin of pure beef which my baby doesnt like and those tiny pieces are too small n too many to be picked out


Very pleased

My persian stud boy loves his food but also seems to drink a lot of water. After feeding this meat to him there was a big change in him in as little as 4 days he ate less dry food and therefore drank less water his bib is dry and his eyes do not water as much as they did. He already ate grain free dry food but different kinds of wet food. Because of the change in him I will now only feed him this which he seems to love anyway and is hardly eating any dry food I would recommend this product

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