02/11/18 | Susana R.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Delicious, but watery...

My cat absolutely loves these packs, he wolfs them down instantly (the fish selection especially). I, unfortunately, do not. Most of the pouch is broth, which makes me question its value for money. I am a big fan of Applaws food, but I will not be purchasing these again.
21/12/12 | sam
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unhappy cats

trying so hard to feed my cats healthy food but they prefer felix again this food was not to thier taste so now trying bozita
06/09/12 | JM
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Ok, but expensive.

My cats rather liked this to begin with, but now are bored with it. Its also expensive for a 70g pouch when you have more than one cat. It looks good, smells ok, and i can give it to my little kitten who has tummy problems, but now he turns his nose up, and i will have to wait a while before i introduce it back into his daily food.
07/04/11 | Suzie G
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Prefer the tins

Whilst the contents are loved by the cat - the human doesn't like the plastic packaging - more difficult to extract contents cleanly & cannot be recycled unlike the tins. I normally avoid the pouch forms of cat food for this very reason but felt the change in flavours may be appreciated & on the whole this is the case - the chicken & asparagus goes down particularly well!!!
23/02/11 | Sofia
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Smells great but she prefers the cans

I usually feed the Applaws cans fish selection and wanted to try something different and the review said that the cat liked this better than the cans. I guess all cats are different because my sphynx sniffed the tuna and left it there. I had to buy the cans and I'm feeding this to the stray cats.