24/07/19 | Ruth
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Loves it but I'd like to know calories!

My cat loves this and its very cheap. But the feeding guide is far to high for a indoor cat. I wish it would say a calorie per 100 g so i could just calculate this myself.
21/06/18 | Sarah
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Cat was a bit iffy at first

My cat has had a terrible diet of high calorie Go Cat for years. I guess I didn't realise how bad the stuff was for her and a friend recommended this brand. It was hard to get her to eat it at first because she liked Go Cat so much. It's been 2 months now and she does eat it straight away. I fed her it in combination with dry food from the same brand and am happy with it. Also a pouch is huge and last two days making it very economical when I buy in bulk.
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Excellent Meaty Meal in Turkey

My 3 Abyssinians have an assortment of allergies but they all love Bozita Turkey in Jelly. I started them on it about 6 years ago because it is a natural product with no preservatives etc.
20/02/18 | Julie Thomas
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Bozita tetra packs in jelly

This cat food is amazing my two beautiful bsh kittens Luther n Zeus finish this food within mins they love all flavours they are well hydrated have gawjus shiny coats bright eyes and are gaining weight steadily love this food not so keen on the bozita cans tho
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Clean bowls!

Three out of four of my kitties licked their dishes clean! I didn't expect kitty 4 to try it as he's incredibly fussy and although he refuses to eat anything except his usual brand, he has been caught mooching around the other dishes looking for left-overs.
16/07/17 | Claire
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I'm slowly working my way through all the different flavours. The chicken, rabbit, and elk were big hits. The beef, and salmon and mussels they don't like at all. One of my cats cannot have grain at all, it makes her vomit copiously, but she's never had a problem with this. The other would eat anything. The current foster cat looks much better on this, than the Whiskas junk she was eating before she came here. Her fur was dry and dull, and now it's much better, even with the health problems she has.
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Good if you find the right flavour

We have 3 outdoor adult female cats and a 9mth indoor cat. I chose Bozita as this is supposedly good for young and old cats. I have had to give away several of my purchases as some of them none of the cats will touch. I do not give any one cat brand to our cats as I believe variety keeps them interested, but so does having the flavours that they like. Although you can buy a variety pack this does not cover all of them, so it does mean a bit of hit and miss purchases.
27/04/17 | Donna
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She seems to like it!

She has been eating cosma chicken for a while - thought I would give this a try and bought a small trial selection. She wolfed the first couple of helpings down, then had a bit of a strop the next morning - but ate it eventually. I was concerned at first that she had slightly looser stools (but not enough to worry about) AND very smelly poo - but that seems to have lessened now she's got used to it. She's on box 2 - will see how it goes
22/12/16 | A Breen
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Best buy so far

Male BSH kitten - Dante - needed a cat food that he could eat as could our 3 female adult cats (as the naughty boy will often push in when they're eating). He loves this food as do our female cats. At approx. 3-4 pouches worth per carton this will save on money in the long term. Also this means they are getting superior meat content without any harmful additives etc. I will be buying Bozita from now on.
05/12/16 | Jack Price
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Great Food and easy to use packaging

Easily the best food I have tried for my cat Mylo He likes almost every flavour of this but especially prefers the fish varieties! I give him small amounts of Bozita accompanied by Orijen dry which is avalable all day. Only downside is no english on the packaging, every other country but UK! so not 100% on whats in there
08/04/13 | Elaine Hamby
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Jelly Content

I have been feeding my 3 Bonzita for several years now and they love it, however, getting concerned over the last 6 months when I have noticed the increase of jelly matter in the Tetrapaks over the food quantity. This is mainly the Mackerel in jelly and also in the Rabbit in gravy (Lots of gravy and jelly)....