07/15/17 | Barby

Excellent quality cat food

I have been feeding my cat on the Kangaroo for a month now. She has been suffering for months from passing blood after her pooh. This stopped immediately after giving her the Kangaroo which she loves. I have now started her on the variety pack. She is extremely fussy so was not expecting her to take to any of them. So far she is not keen on the salmon which I am surprised at as she loves fresh fish. The pork is a great success clears the lot. Lamb and mutton she is not sure of but has eaten some. Same with chicken. I will persevere as I still have one pouch of each left. I can recommend this cat food. In over 60 years of being a cat slave I have never come across such good quality food. My cat is so much healthier because of this cat food.

09/02/16 | nta16

Another high quality food from Catz Finefood

A very good food, this is a complete (rather than complementary / supplementary) moist food that includes a good mix of meats with offal as a thick-pâté style with jelly like broth. Not as wet or as much protein, and costs more than, the Thrive Complete I usually give but a very good alternative to offer variety in meals and Purrrr contains offal so perhaps even more complete. Our cat surprisingly is not over keen on the salmon but does likes the rest especially kangaroo. A high quality cat food

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