Our fussy BSH’s love it

Great product, healthy, loved by our very fussy cats
04/24/18 | Babs Ruch

All 9 LOVED it !

I have currently nine rescue felines, all more or less with special needs. All of them loved Catz FineFood, even the fussy ones with a sensitive tummy. I can definitely recommend it :)
10/20/17 | Sarah Pressler

15 happy kittys =happy mummy

I have 15 special needs kitty's and 2 that have urinary problems, I wanted a wet food with absolutely no rubbish in that is healthy and obviously they love. I tried several but this is definitely the favourite all round. Containing all meat and offal it smells fine and the bowls are always licked clean. My 2 with urinary are well and happy and don't need the awful prescription diets now. (I only feed wet) everyone's coats are shining and I'm very pleased with the food.
03/31/17 | Claire

Great Value Great Food. Especially Compared to the Cheap Horrible Processes Beyond Recognition Stuff... This is 10/10.

This food is great! I used to get Grau, which is really similar.. possibly slightly better quality, I'm not sure, but with this you get 6 different flavours in one pack which, of course, goes down well with the cats. As the other reviewers said though, the darker meats are less favoured, this was the same with Grau, and in fact, countless other cat meats I've used at one time or another, so nothing unusual there. (Why do they bother with beef for cats? A cats natural diet would not be beef, surely?) I have 5 cats and the success rate for this food goes as follows: 1 super not fussy, will eat anything, ginger balls - eats all flavours no fuss. 2 almost not fussy at all, dainty girlys - eat any flavour, finish, depnding on mood, 90% of the time. 1 fussy, adolescent boy that wolfs every morsel up of 3 favoured flavours, needs prompting and encouraging on 2 slightly less favoured ( like literally almost have to do here comes the airplane with him - but it works and he remembers he loves it), and runs to the other side of the room when the beef comes out. 1 super fussy, adolescent girl that likes about 2 flavours unprompted, another 1-2 mood depending will have a poke, and the others, no chance. So I guess some percentage could be figured out of that. But honestly, I would recommend this food to any cat feeder. It has a high content of high quality meat and 6 x 800g for £15 is good value. You could freeze some for later if you have fewer cats and wouldn't get through it in time. I feed mine half meat-half biscuits, and only go through 1 can every 2-3 days. ...Because it has the right nutritional balance, it fills them up properly and they don't need loads and loads. I also think they really appreciate it, and are happier having good food in their life, and everyone always complements how nice their coats look.
01/18/17 | DorieFish

Don't like the herby flavours

My cats don't seem to like some of the flavours and they aren't usually very fussy. It seems to be ones that smell herby / minty. Not sure if these are put in to make it smell better to humans but they aren't so keen. Too rich for a mature cat with sensitive tummy
07/26/16 | Nathan

Cats love it

Very good quality food; balanced with a high meet content and comes in cheaper 800g tins! :D My cast love the Salmon and Poulty in particular and also the Game and Chicken. Not too keen on the Lamb or beef at all.
03/07/16 | Nathan


I really like the ingredients in this food as it has a very high meat content and is balanced well. My two kittens eat this and so far they love it! - Particularly the Game and Herring tins we tried so far :). Would recommend this and grantapet
11/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

This food is the bomb :)

We were expecting a first class food, and we were not disappointed. Our cats love these just as much as the 400g tins, and there is absolutely no drop in quality, let alone any kind of fat deposit at the bottom of the tin :) TOP TOP TOP !!!! Thank you zooplus :) 5 stars!

Excellent !

My two British shorthairs love these tins, which have the two fold advantage of being really good for them in terms of ingredients etc and smelling very decent for me. I also love the variety of flavours, so I can give my cats a healthy diet without them getting bored. I supplement them with Purizon Kitten kibble which they also love.
10/31/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top food

Great value for money, I would highly recommend it. Smells very nice too.

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