02/21/16 | Claire

My cats don't seem to like this...

I have 3 cats, and have so far tried them with the Sardine, Chicken and Salmon, they won't eat it, they have a good sniff, and maybe a lick, and then walk off. My cats are fed on a dry food diet of Royal Canin, and I give them a wet pouch in a morning and evening, but for some reason they don't seem to like this Cosma wet food at all! I have given it 3 stars, as there is nothing wrong with the product, it looks quite nice, it's just my cats don't like it.

11/16/13 | Beanie


Cosma original is good and my cat loves the chicken, Tuna and Salmon he wont touch the mackerel or sardine i think its too fishy for him. Though fish loving cats may like it as ut has huge pieces of fish in it.

02/07/13 | gemma


Okey I converted to feeding my cats all natural cat food, as there poor tummies were not enjoying the Felix, and they went off that sort-of food very quickly. I agree this is excellent value for money, as you get 2/3 meals out of each can ( I mix with dry so smaller portion sizes), but my word it really really smells haha. I think thats the only reason some of my cats are hesitant, as it looks fantastic, but be warned if they have dicky tummies like one of my moggies, you may encounter a few VERY smelly love puffs!!

01/22/12 | Chris

Good quality but not a complete success

This appears to be a good quality cat food. My cat happily ate the salmon and tuna, but wouldn't touch the seabream. In fact, she looked quite indignant that I had given it to her. Like another reviewer, I wouldn't buy the seabream variety again even if she did like it because it has such a strong smell.

03/24/11 | Jane

Mixed results

Seabream - my cat ate some, but wasn't very keen. However, even if he had loved it, I would never buy it again, as it stank of old fish. Chicken - sucess! Not stinky, and acceptable to my fussy eater.