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Lots of tuna or chicken with some jelly only

Cats like it as long as they get a change every now and then. The meat content is really good. You can see it's not full of leftovers.
21/01/17 | Jackie
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My two mogs love the tuna variety and it looks like a can of tuna, they haven't tried the chicken yet and the sardine even though it looks good they won't eat it, or maybe a little and the rest gets thrown away .don't know why , not usually fussy. Unfortunately I have 6 cans still, looks like the cat sanctuary will get lucky!.
17/12/16 | Jackie
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Feed me now!

Our two mogs are not fussy eaters but I like them to have good quality food, the tuna variety went down very well bowls licked clean but the sardine variety they eat about half of it and refuse the rest, It looks like sardines not just cat food so I don't know why. Unfortunately i still have a tray of it.

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