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Cosma Thai

Unfortunately my cat doesn't like any of the chicken stuff in the cosma thai range. he only like the fish ones. 3 stars because nothing is wrong with the food I am sure, but he just wouldn't touch it!
03/12/16 | Aleks
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Seems good but cat doesn't like it

I have a fussy cat but my mum told me about this product and how it positively affected her cat who previously refused eating any wet food. I think I got overly excited because my cat, Trouble, just did not want to eat it. I tried 4 times now but she'd rather not eat at all (or eat dry food) than eat this, I have to say the food looks good and better than many, so for that reason I give it some stars. Trouble's rating is unfortunately a bit worse.