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My fussy cat won't eat it

I was putting this out every day for my cat but he'd only nibble on it on occasion so I've given it to a friend, her cats eat it! All the plastic packaging is very wasteful too.
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My cats can’t have enough of this food

I introduced this brand to my cats a few months ago and they are still asking for it when they are hungry. Even our fussy tomcat enjoys eating all the jelly! The food seems to be more moist than other brands we have tried. The pieces or fish are quite chunky and there is plenty of jelly to make much easier to eat. Fully recommended (but not for greedy cats, as they will become more greedy...).
15/12/18 | Sylvismum
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an elderly rescue cat

A few years ago we adopted a lovely little cat aged 12 whose owner had had to go into a nursing home. The cat had almost stopped eating, but fortunately I received some advice from a lady on a forum who advised trying this. It was a great success, and we also gave her Purizon. These two were well worth a try so I can recommend Encore.