05/02/18 | fleagbag's mum
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Not the same

My cat LOVES the rabbit flav. When I realised they were stopping that in the UK I stocked up like mad. Ran out recently and bought some here, so pleased to find it. My cat won't touch it. Tried a few times, he just recoils. It can't be the same at all. I wish that was clear when buying it as I've just bought two large boxes. This is the second time I have left a review on this product and zooplus aren't publishing it. I don't know why - I bought the food from from them and it's a fair review.
12/02/17 | alex
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Great Cat Food

Our cats love the felix fish - the treats as well
07/02/17 | Rosemary Briars
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Cat heaven

My cats love Felix and in particular they love Felix As Good As It Looks. This is great value and the delivery is always excellent.
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They love it!

Both the cats and I love these big boxes, they really enjoy the cod and plaice. Always fresh, and great value to buy in these large economy boxes especially when you have 7 cats to feed. Delivery is always speedy and products arrive well packed.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Choosy moggies

Super product but it would be great if Felix brought out packs with a single flavour as some mixes aren't as liked. Mine particuarly like the meat selection but not so keen on the beef.
24/09/16 | Dave
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Fussy cats

We are stopping buying the meat in jelly the reason being, our cats have started leaving certain bits of the beef? The fish goes down well, although I wish Felix would fetch out single brands of cat food, cats don't like variety they like the same thing all the time.
03/08/16 | Kevin Naco
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It tastes even better

Hi guy's my name is Kevin i bought this food for my fluffy cat taco and i wont loook back!!! Even the baby kitten is craving for that food! Really good value and really practical packaging ! oops Taco just came back and i know what's for Dinner!
12/05/16 | vicki finch
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For fussy cats!

I have tried all different foods with my cats all of them liked as good as it looks before they passed. I rescued a kitten and she wouldn't eat any brands only Felix kitten until she got a bit older and got into her adoptive brothers bowl and she would only eat adult food from then on! She loved all the flavours of as good as it looks in jelly until recently when she won't eat fish anymore and meat only. I tried the country flavours with cali and she absolutely loves them. Even the fish country as good as it looks flavours. I thought my other cats I have owned in my lifetime were fussy but cali takes the biscuit quite literally. I was paying a fortune in supermarkets or pet shops until I found them on zooplus so much cheaper. Cali has just turned one and gone through all the brands as I was worried too about the lack of meat etc in the Felix pouches but she likes what she likes and it has to be with jelly only for some reason! Thanks zooplus for making our pets happy and leaving money left over for toys and treats xxxx.
03/11/15 | Lynda
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Great Price.

I ordered the Ocean Feasts Saver Pack as its the only one all of our Four Cats Love. As many other people have said I've never seen a 48 Saver pack before so was very pleased to find this at such a great price. Four very Happy Cats , thanks Zooplus for such Fast Delivery.
14/10/15 | SueW
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As good as it says

I didn't know until looking on the Zooplus site that you could buy the 48 packs, so ordered 6 box's only to find they came in 2x24 box's but who cares at these prices, BARGAIN in my books, thank's Zooplus for saving us a fortune, no need to buy any wet food for quite awhile now to feed our 9 cats as their treat for the mornings, the rest of the day their fed on a quality dry kibble.
27/07/15 | Haley
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Big fan of zooplus for pet food now, instead of ordering from the supermarket - at least you know you are going to get what you actually ordered :) Quick delivery, good value for money, and amazing service.
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Brilliant product

We had our cat (11kg's) on special vet pellets for years costing a fortune and he wouldn't loose weight. We changed to this wet food because we ran out of pellets and he had lost weight on this food. He is now a healthy 6kg weight and maintaining it now. I think changing to wet, closer to natural food, has done him the world of good. And both cats LOVE this food. I'm never going back.
03/05/15 | SUSAN ANNE CLAY
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felix saver pack

I have two fussy cats and they love Felix doubly delicious. As soon as the pouch is open the cats are all over the food, because my two boys are sphinx cats they require high quality food, this fits the bill. also have been getting bargain with the 72 pack savers, and free delivery don't have to cart from supermarket
24/02/15 | pàm
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My kitten will only eat Felix doubly as good as it looks. I have tried other expensive, 80% meat content and he just refuses to eat it. He does love James wellbeloved biscuits. His coat is soft and shiny, he is fit and happy.
12/02/15 | Lynda H
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Ten Years of Good Feeding!

I have been feeding a variety of 4 cats old and young on these pouches for ten years, they all love it and nothing matches up! I moved to France 7 years ago and it is difficult to buy in the supermarkets here, but thanks to Zooplus UK and France I can keep my supplies going. The quality is excellent and there aren't many pouches that contain 100gm, most others are 85gm. I must add though that this is only half my cats diet, they have one meal of dried food a day also to keep their teeth good and fill them up. Thanks Felix!!
04/02/15 | Sally Jupe
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Its not like MacDonalds!

My 7 cats have been reared on Felix wet pouch food and Purina Pro Plan or at least all of the Purina brand foods for ever. They all love mainly any Good As it Looks flavour but Felix Country with Veggies being all of their favourites. With the addition of the Sensations range they love that too! Buying all this in the 72 pack range at great prices and delivered free to my door is just brilliant and econimic from Zooplus. However, I recently had to take one of my babies to the vet as she ate a whole mouse whilst out hunting and delivered it back to me all over the kitchen floor so was poorly with upset tummy. The vet immediately blamed her diet when I told him she was fed Felix and said it was so poor in quality it was like us living on Macdonalds for every meal of our lives!! Now bearing in mind my 7 cats, never visit the vets for any dietary issues at all and 2 others I had recently lived to the ripe old age of 22 always fed on Felix so that's not bad for Macdonalds Felix cat food! The vet sold me some of his expensive food at £1 per pouch for my poorly girl which she promptly refused to eat as did the other 6 and it still languishes in the cupboard. Vets!! hey what do they know as I have 7 very fit, very shiney and healthy cats and will always feed Felix Good as It looks as they clear every scrap every day. Keep up the good work Zooplus :)
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My cats absolutely love Felix As Good as it Looks.Only downside is they have a lot of flatulence which is not pleasant;maybe I am feeding them too much.
09/06/14 | June Metcalf
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Feline Elixir

My 3 cats have tried almost everything but Felix As Good As It Looks Ocean Feasts is by far their favourite. They even pester me in the early mornings to give them their breakfast.
20/05/14 | Herm
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

You'd think I starved her

I don't know about the meat content (only 4% of the specified meat/fish? Not sure how that compares to other brands but it seems low)... but my Clawsewitz has her own opinions. Despite having had a larger breakfast than usual earlier in the day and not being particularly hungry, she inhaled the 'salmon' pouch as if starved. Lucky for her, because I bought in bulk from Zooplus, being the cheapest source of any cat food pouches that I could find, so she's stuck with it like it or not! We are happy with our purrchase.
31/03/14 | Munnz
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The only thing kitten likes!

Vets will recommend the expensive foods with a higher meet content but to be honest i bought those in bulk and our four month old kitten refused to touch them. The minute he saw Tuna flakes in his Felix As Good as it Looks he was sold on it and now will eat all the flavors but literally no other cat food, not even the other Felixes! At the end of the day he eats well, is in beautiful condition and is very happy!