17/12/18 | Sylvia
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Felix as good as it looks

I have just read a lot of the reviews and have the same problems with the Felix as good as it looks pouches but can't say it is only from zoo plus. I think the quality of the product has gone down hill. I have bought this for many years in fact my youngest cat won't eat anything else what I have to do is add tin tuna to the pouches because the smell is not very inviting.so glad I read the reviews as this has bothered ,me for some time and I am not alone
28/08/18 | Kathleen Shepherd
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Obnoxious smell coming from a box of 44.

My ginger cat loves most flavours in jelly, but he won't eat the lamb, I have to give them away to other cat owners who's cats do like them. Strangely, I have just taken the remainder out of a box of 44 and found, but like Anne, there was one leaking and another one was blown. There was also an obnoxious smell but couldn't tell which one it was coming from. The smell was so bad, I'd to wrap them up and put them in the outside bin rather than the kitchen one. Coincidence? They were both Lamb!!
27/06/18 | Anne Wren
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When it is good it is great

On four separate occasions, these large boxes of Felix have arrived with some of the pouches leaking or blown. Only one had been damaged in transit, the others arrived in undamaged boxes. Zooplus have been wonderful & replaced my orders immediately but it is not their fault, the problem is obviously with Purina. For damaged pouches to be packaged & delivered to retailers, manufacture &/or quality control would seem to be suspect.
29/12/17 | Caroline Smith
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Has Felix recipe changed?

My 3 cats love Felix As Good As It Looks but the last few months won't eat many of the pouches, wonder if the recipe has changed as made abroad, they will still eat it if I buy from the local supermarket. Disappointing as I buy nearly all my cat food from zooplus as good value for money.
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Country of Origin should be on outer box

I have 2 Bengals (7 years and 3 years) and Felix is their main wet food. However, now and then they won't touch it, especially the beef. I contacted Purina and they asked me to give the code on the pouch of the food the cats wouldn't eat. The code indicated that the particular batch was processed in Ireland. My cats happily eat pouches processed in the UK. So now I only buy the poultry and fish selections. Just wish the code was on box so I could be certain.
21/12/17 | Maggie
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No Ocean Fest Option

My cats favourite by far is the Ocean one - why cant you sell this in the large packs? I bought the mixed favourite pack but they are def not as keen on this as the fish one.
11/12/17 | Yvonne Eady
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What's changed???

Been buying this for years, but our two cats have been sniffing and walking away from some of the meals. They are not normally fussy eaters at all. Now I've read the more recent reviews I see we are not alone.
03/12/17 | Maria
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More fish please

I would like a fish only version of the mega pack. My cats don't care for the meats apart from beef and chicken.
09/11/17 | len ruel
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problems on felix ?

is there a problem with felix cat food ? cats leaving / not eating beef / salmon is there a change in manufacture? year 2016 food good . so far 2017? will not be ordering any more unless uk supplier.
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Is Felix different?

I'm glad I read reviews before ordering. Our 2 cats have not been eating their Felix without leaving some too. Changed brand and now not a morsel left.
29/07/17 | Jane watson
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What am I missing here?

I have bought from you for a long time now and have always been pleased with prices and service but lately one of my. Acts had been turning his nose up at as good as it looks. On reading the reviews I decided to buy the boxes that had the English language on the front expecting what was advertised but they have come with a different language on them so I have achieved nothing .Surely if you are advertising the boxes of food within an English written box that's what we should receive.
27/07/17 | Gill R
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mine too

Archie loves this food but recently has been picky. Having read the other comments about it I wonder if there is an issue with the recipe from wherever this is sourced from. I will buy from the supermarket until I read the problem has gone away
26/07/17 | Carrie
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Definitely agree!

Agree with the comments about this food being different. I thought it was just my cats being picky but I have 6 and for them all to go off it something it obviously wrong. I have about 70 pouches of the salmon flavour that I have stopped using cos I know they won't touch it, and the beef will only get eaten if they are really hungry and I offer nothing else, that's a lot of wasted money. On the whole it now works out cheaper to buy from the supermarket cos they eat it is all.
27/01/16 | JULIE PRICE
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This seems to be different to the British version and my four cats do not seem to like it as much. They wolf done what I buy from the shops but this they leave....