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One of the best wet foods

One of the few very good wet foods. It's a matter of taste too of course, but the high meat content certainly helps. Your cat will be extremely grateful.
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11/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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My cat loves Feringa

my cat loves feringa. prefers pouches because their consistency is wetter than cans and trays
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08/08/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Neither of my cats took to it

Sadly both of my cats rejected this food. After 2 weeks of trying, I'm throwing in the towel. It's a shame, because the ingredients really are very good
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29/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Great food

After lots of searching and trying out new foods we came across this brand. We were skeptical at first, because our cat is very picky when it comes to new food. BUT he loved it straight away, you could barely empty the tin into the bowl before it was all gone again. And it seems to really agree with him. Smells okay, and the consistency is great. A great food with a really high meat content!
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04/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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High quality, but mashed - so it wasn't taken up

I bought this food because of the high quality recipe and ingredients. But it came mashed (without chunks) which my cats won't eat. A shame that this isn't mentioned anywhere. There is some separation of fats in the pouch, which also made me take points away.
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19/01/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Really handy 85g pouches

My cat will eat almost anything, but only rarely does wet food agree with him. The Poultry & Carrot flavour is the only food that he can tolerate (but it's often sold out). No diarrhea from the first time. Taking out the bins is much easier now, as the pouches are much easier to get rid of than the tins that end up lying around on the balcony or stinking up the fridge.
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16/01/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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A Top Quality Cat Food

I first tried Feringa a few months ago for my now 1 year old boy and it will remain one of his main foods. Its something I can have a good conscious about feeding l- good quality meat, and no sugar or grains added. I like that each flavour has veg or herbs etc added. Most quality cat foods dont so I think its adds interesting variety. A bit of veg etc is perfectly fine for cats as naturally they would eat it from the stomach of their preys. It has no unpleasant smell, before or after eating!
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08/12/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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My kitten loves this complete food-it will remain one of his mains as he goes into adulthood :-)

I love that Feringa is complete unlike some other high quality wets like Applaws. Clearly decent meat & no foul/strong smell (litter smell also fine). My kitten's tummy took to it no trouble. Its seasoned & with vegetable which seems to make it tasty and tempt cats who were previously on added sugar/gravy/junk. Only negative is some of flavours are VERY dry so my boy wont eat much in one sitting if given "as comes". This problem has been solved for me though by addin a bit of water to the food.
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A new favourite

I ordered the mixed pack of pouches as their usual Smilla sterilised pouches were out of stock and my two fussies loved them! They both cleaned their bowls so I've ordered a load more as they are on offer. They seemed a lot more expensive but the quality is excellent and I've just noticed that Smilla has gone up in price so not so much difference now. Great success!
05/04/18 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Only thing my cats won't eat

We've fed our cats a whole range of foods in the year we've had them, and they've wolfed down everything, except this! Even if we mix in a food they like, they won't eat the bits that have touched the Feringa. I find that a bit worrying, to be honest, we got a mixed pack and the reaction was the same to all of them!
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22/10/17 | nta16
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Poultry a good quality complete food

A good food, this is a complete (rather than complementary / supplementary) moist food that includes a good mix of meat with offal as a thick-pâté with jelly. Not as wet or as much protein, but cheaper, than the Thrive Complete I usually give our cat but the offal content is a good idea in meals so Feringa pouches are perhaps even more complete. Our cat didn’t like this food but I’m sure many others would. A good quality cat food.
22/07/17 | Green V
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My boys adore the food

My 2 boys and i have been a fan of Ferigna's food for a couple of years now. Recently I have decided to buy the "pounches" instead of the tin version. The boys obviously enjoy the food. I just wonder what makes the pouches a lot more expensive than the tin ones ? I checked the ingridents and all seem to be the same. All in all, I will keep buying Feringa but will only have the pouches when there is a deal. With 2 big hungry cats in the house, i can easily go bankrupt at this rate!
09/06/17 | Sharon
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My cat loves Feringa but

she is sick an hour or so after eating. The ingredients look as cat food should, it must be too rich for her. I feed my cat on Lily's Kitchen but it is expensive and I would like another cat so trying to find as good quality food in cans is quite difficult. Feringa sadly didn't work for her. I bought several boxes which will go to the local cat rescue.
16/04/17 | Shar G
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Top Quality, Tasty Food.

For a long time now, I've been purchasing this for my cats and also passed some onto my friends' cats as a taster (in order to obtain a broader consensus) and all agreed that it was devoured with relish - clean bowls all around! Notably, this food is as species-appropriate as is possible. No nasty ingredients (dirty meat, chemical additives). Made in Germany. High farm animal welfare rules. VERY IMPORTANT!!!
25/08/16 | Lucy Beaghen
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Appreciated by the fuss pots!

My two cats (and stray) love this, they all have issues with grain so have happy tummies with this. It is quite aromatic but that's why they like it I guess, shows it's real!
25/03/16 | Lucky
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Cat licked the bowl clean!

My nearly toothless fussy cat loved this! She is extremely fussy and likes her food smooshed! This is eay to mash and very very juicy. She finished the whole packet when normally she only eat half packet of sachet foid. Will buy this again.
17/03/16 | Iro
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Four paws up

I ordered the mixed pack II - all the flavours were liked and appreciated. Clean bowls all around. This will definitely be a main product for me, I am happy with the quality and transparency of ingredients. Pricey but worth it. It is a pate but feels more moist than cans. This product might be a silver lining between cost and quality for pouches. Next time I am ordering the 24-pouch package!

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