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My Cats Love the Seafish!

My cats (who have CRF) consistently enjoy this cat food, especially the seafish one!
07/01/13 | Charlotte Thomas
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Try this, I am so glad I did.

My 18 year old tabby started with renal problems and uraemia. She has always been a faddy eater after an awful start in life, I hand reared her and 7 siblings from a few hours old after some creep dumped them in a verge. Turns her nose up at anything but chicken and small amounts of Gourmet gold. She got to the point of only eating a couple of mouthfuls before walking away, weighed nothing wondered around yowling whilst looking for some inappropriate place to pee. Any prescription low protein food was a no no. But...guess what? Hurrah! She eats two tins of this a day,along with some chicken and has steadily put on more than a kilo in 8 weeks, no more yowling, is calmer, happier and stopped being a miserable witch with the other cats. I am thrilled, especially as I am not a fan of commercial pet food. She likes both flavours, the fishy one is not too fishy, she never liked fish but eats this as well as the chicken. Try it, as a hater of mass produced pet food I'm having to eat my words on this particular product. She will be having more blood tests next month to see how much her blood work has improved. It is such a relief to see her so happy with herself and looking so well.
18/11/12 | Louise W
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No little puddles of surprise left for me now.

...well, except when getting rid of a furball. The vomiting was getting more regular despite buying the best non-wheat highstreet available food, and after 3 days of vomiting I made the move. This along with another mono-protein food has both stopped the vomiting and meant that she wasn't as hungry, so ate less. Even better, if you add a little water you can smoosh some of it to produce 'gravy' and she LOVES gravy :-) She's happier and I'm happier
26/04/12 | D Christie
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Cat adores this food!

My black and white moggie has had a chronice kidney problem over the last couple of years and I have struggled to find a suitable food that she really enjoys. I only stumbled on this last month and wish I'd found it sooner as she adores it and gets very excited when I open the can. She has even put on a small amount of weight for the first time in months after losing it continuously. While it may not suit all palates I know, I am over the moon with it.
08/10/10 | Natalia
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Definitely helps but he's not so keen on it

My cat went missing for over a month and when I finally got him back he had a recurring UTI, from dehydration and stress. I bought the urinary food to supplement the medication he was given. It certainly helped to improve his condition, but also not his favourite food.
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This food has been a life saver for our cat

Our 15 year old Persian was recently diagnosed with kidney problems. She looked as though she was uncomfortable, would not tolerate ordinary cat food, was drinking water regularly, howling and would not groom herself. We were beginning to think that having her put to sleep would be the kindest option until we gave her this food. Since then she's been drinking far less water and her behaviour has returned to normal, as far as grooming etc. is concerned. She still has kidney problems, of course, but she's far more comfortable than she was. Would recommend Kattovit highly. Sorry, this sounds like an advert!
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good for sensitive stomachs too

My cat has a sensitve stomach and cannot tolerate normal cat foods. He likes this better than kattovit gastro flavour and it works well for him too.
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works well for sensitive stomach but cat not too keen on flavour

This is a good food for a cat with sensitve stomach. However mine is not so keen on it - he will eat it eventually but prefers kattovit sensitive protein. This will always vary from cat to cat of course.
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Kattovit Gastro

My cat has a food allergy and I have spent a fortune on precription diets and vet bills, this is one of the few things he can eat that doesn't make him scratch. Brilliant.
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My cat suffers from pancreatitis. She is extremely fussy and this is the only food she will eat. It really has been literally a life saver as she has almost died during past attacks. I'm so glad to have discovered it.