10/06/14 | Anne Nelson
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Miamore for all

I have 4 very different cats with varied appetites All my 4 cats adore the Mia more brand especially the wet food variety in gravy. Each cat have their own flavour preference and luckily there is one to suit each cat in the gravy pack which is very unusual for my cats. All Miamore products that I can only buy from zooplus have great appeal to all my cats. I buy often and in bulk great value great savings the prices compare well.
21/04/13 | Julia Burnett
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Ronan goes crazy for Miamor. Tried other brands in vain, he just wants the real deal.
09/09/12 | Elina
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Best food in this category

Miamor Ragout Royale is one of the best food in the category that contains meat-by-products. Even my cat who's allergic to beef can eat this - huge plus!!
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Absolute favourite of my kitten

If nothing else goes, this (rabbit or chicken) goes everytime! My kitten loves this and this is a fairly good quality food too. Only minus is that he likes to play with this food before eating, which means that I have to clean up the whole kitchen afterwards..
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Miamor ragout Raoyale in Jelly

My maine coon and two other cats loves this. If you have a cat who doesn't like the usual suff, try this one.