08/03/18 | Chris Arnold

Purrfect fit

Fussy cats, used to love high end wet cat food then one day they just didn't! Tried this as cats now 'seniors' and will only eat wet food in gravy or sauce. They love it (and the fish variety too) and I save money: Purrfect.

04/19/13 | Vicky

They love it

Finding a good quality wet food that all 3 of my fussy Devon Rexes like has been a challenge. No dissapointed looks with this brand, it gets wolfed down in moments.

02/04/13 | Chris Aitken


One of my cats has an enormous appetite, but he also has sensitive tummy, so having tried many types of cat food we tried this one and he seems to enjoy it and it doesn't upset his tummy, he has two different flavours & his biscuits, highly recommend

01/12/13 | Chris Aitken


Excellent, my cat loves it and does not seem to hurt his very sensitive tummy.

10/22/12 | Janette

Changed my elderly cats life!

My 19 year old cat has always been sickly. Countless tests etc have revealed nothing, and over recent weeks she has begun vomiting on a daily basis. Her teeth are not up to dry food so I searched for wet food for sensitive stomachs and came across this. She hasn't vomited once since starting on them, and has so much more energy now that she is able to keep her food down. Fabulous product, highly recommended x