24/04/18 | Rachel Whiteley-Williams
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My British Short Hair Loves This

My British Short Haired cat Tigua, loves these pouches for his dinner. He is very particular and likes the sterilized pouch for breakfast and these pouches for dinner!! Very juicy and lots of gravy. Wish they did a jelly variety for his breed too.
12/09/17 | Tippi Gordon, U.K.
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Great food for our big boy!

Our large British Shorthair Louie has been diagnosed with bad joints and needed one leg operated a few months ago, since then he has been on this food for his breakfast and dry Royal Canin Mobility for his dinner so he won't get bored, both products helping his joints and giving him as close as possible to a normal life again. Really good food for the joints and for large cats as it contains big chunks for the larger jaws. It is the first food our cat eats without ever leaving anything.
10/11/16 | David Spencer
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Our shorthairs love this.

We have a British Blue, a Lilac Point & a Moggie. They all like this and seem more regular & more comfortable at toilet time than when fed on just wet foods.
18/10/16 | James
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My pedigree blue loves this!

You can't badly review a pet food because your cat doesn't like something! That's the cat not the cat food! Blueberry loves this, it was a tricky transition from kitten to adult but he's done it! The British shorthair sachets are great quality meat content and reduced calories and nutrition for the breed (as they are quite lazy)!! I'm happy with his two sachets a day and British shorthair Royal canin dry food! It fills him up and keeps him healthy! Royal canin is definitely the best on the market!
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Merlin loves this as a treat

My main coon loves this wet food he has the dry biscuits everyday but I give him a small amount from this packet of wet food once he see''s the packet coming out he runs madly to his bowl.