03/16/18 | Tracy

Purrrrrrrr, feed me more

My two fur babies absolutely love this food, purring their little heads off while eating it and lick their bowls clean Tuna and tomato is their favourite but they love all the flavors

02/21/18 | Kerry fowler

Archie says yum yum

I didn’t think my cat would take to this food but he has surprised me, not only did he lick the bowl spotless he asked for more. His favourite was chicken and apple , although he ate everyone of them . Will order again


Pure luxury

Both my girls love this. It looks and smells really good and they lick their bowls clean! Highly recommended :)

02/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Pure pleasure

Both of my cats love it. It looks lovely, smells great and what can I say....the bowl is always empty. Very recommended.