03/18/22 | Dympna

Cats won't touch it.

I have tried all varieties of his food and none of my 16 cats, which include rescues, will touch them. There seems to be quite a lot of fat at bottom of the tins which I don't like to see. A waste of money for me and very disappointing.
02/21/21 | Yana


I should say that my cat is usually not fussy about food, so this review is based mostly on my own opinion and observation. I was a little nervous buying Smila for the first time as the price suggests a Whiskas-quality food. But I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised! Having previously fed my cat Carny, Feringa, Bozita and Almo Nature, I must say that Smila looks and smells the most similar to Carny (but unlike Carny, it was a higher jelly content which is actually better in my opinion).
11/27/19 | Monica

Horrible food!

I have FIVE cats and none of them eats it! I ordered 12x800gr mixed package and now what shall I do with all that food?!? I guess donating to some animal shelter, if they even eat it...
01/16/19 | ELS

Great food paws up

My female dsh cant get enough of this tin food she loves all varieties. Also likes the Smilla biscuits , i left the bag out big mistakes as she bit it and ate loads!! No more help your self in this house so had to put her food in a big plastic box!!
09/06/18 | Sue Townsley

Very fatty

I find this larger size tin to be much fattier than the 400gm tins. It is cheaper to buy the larger tins and my cat does like it, but I’ll have to seriously think about re-ordering.

fussy will not eat it

Great for my 5 stray cats but my home princess will not touch it. Shame as its good quality for low price.
04/15/18 | Jan Callow

Five out of Five Cats

Five out of five cats wont touch it. Not the most successful of purchases :(

Not very impressed

both kittens seem to have gone off this at the same time. Tolerated it to start with but now won't touch it even when they're hungry ..
01/26/18 | Eva

Ragdolls love it, Persian just ok

The tender chicken tins go down better, and they all seem to love the tuna and sardine tins. They are not as dry as the tuna only ones. I rotate tins randomly with other 3 wet food brands, so that I won't be stuck when they stop eating one for some strange reason we humans will never get.

Nice for a snack

My cat loves this. It is quite dry so you should add water to it when you serve it (I always add water to my cat's food anyway). My cat is very fussy and gets bored easily so I only feed him a little of this every now and then.
10/20/17 | Andrea

Sadly cats don't like it

It looks and smells ok, but does appear quite dry and I think that maybe one of the reasons the cats are being picky. I bought as it was grain free and of high meat content and the fact its 800g size which is handy with 11 cats. Looks like I will have to go back to Bozita cans which they love!
02/05/17 | Barbara Atherton

Don't lionise them?!

Last year my 2 loved/hated this new food (eg beef is a no no) until one day out of the blue they both decided to boycott it (as pets do). Back to Felix. Then one day in the cold weather, I gave it another try. Lamb, as a safe choice. They wolfed it down - or should I say 'lioned it down' as I noticed they do not fuss around like they want something extra. Instead I am treated to the sight of them sleeping it off contentedly (at last!) like lions after a kill! Meat makes a difference!

Cats love it

My two cats love the Smilla and the 800g packs make super value for money.

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