21/02/21 | Yana
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I should say that my cat is usually not fussy about food, so this review is based mostly on my own opinion and observation. I was a little nervous buying Smila for the first time as the price suggests a Whiskas-quality food. But I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised! Having previously fed my cat Carny, Feringa, Bozita and Almo Nature, I must say that Smila looks and smells the most similar to Carny (but unlike Carny, it was a higher jelly content which is actually better in my opinion).
16/01/19 | ELS
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Great food paws up

My female dsh cant get enough of this tin food she loves all varieties. Also likes the Smilla biscuits , i left the bag out big mistakes as she bit it and ate loads!! No more help your self in this house so had to put her food in a big plastic box!!
05/02/17 | Barbara Atherton
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Don't lionise them?!

Last year my 2 loved/hated this new food (eg beef is a no no) until one day out of the blue they both decided to boycott it (as pets do). Back to Felix. Then one day in the cold weather, I gave it another try. Lamb, as a safe choice. They wolfed it down - or should I say 'lioned it down' as I noticed they do not fuss around like they want something extra. Instead I am treated to the sight of them sleeping it off contentedly (at last!) like lions after a kill! Meat makes a difference!
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Cats love it

My two cats love the Smilla and the 800g packs make super value for money.