09/04/18 | SbA
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Great for my cat with sensitive digestion

The food is great for one of my cats who has a very sensitive digestion. He likes the taste and its healthy. The size of the chunks are far to large for a cat which I find strange for cat food. In saver pack there are quite a few dented tins and some quite badly dented. Zooplus needs to rectify this as I will be checking next time. All in all a good product.
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Good value

I tried this in response to reading an article on the variable nutritional qualities and ethical values of pet food. Our cats initial suspicion was soon cast aside and was rapidly mopped up. The larger chunks have to eaten rather than just swallowed which slows them up eating. Despite seeming more expensive we are actually saving money as there is no waste.
03/05/15 | JanieC
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Cats love it!

Looks a bit grey and gloopy but that doesn't matter to the moggies! They love it and I love that it is good quality meat which is raised organically which makes feeding Carnivores slightly less troubling for the vegetarian!
27/04/13 | Swalsh
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Excellent Value for Organic catfood

Yarrah canned food is high quality, the cats love it and being organic, we are assured that the food is sourced well. The cats are really happy and healthy eating it - and the chickens and turkeys would have had a happy life - so all is good :-)
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Yarrah Organic chunks

I have 2 cats who both love the Yarrah organic cat food. I feel happy buying organic cat food because it ensures the food has been sourced responsibly.
21/06/11 | KSG
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Cat's like it

My cat's aren't very keen on high quality food. I thought I'd try this, fully expecting them to dislike it, but it actually got eaten which was a surprise. I bought the chicken and turkey and it smells just like wafer thin chicken. The gravy is quite runny so watch when you open the can, or you might get it over your hands. Disappointing that it only has a 37% meat content, I'd prefer it higher, but as the cat's like it, I'll continue to buy it.
20/11/10 | Cherry Griffin
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Top cat food.

I have been using this for years now and the cats love it. It smells so nice when you open it, not like the stink of some cat 'foods'. It is packed with chunks and not too much gravy. I could eat it myself!
11/03/09 | marimb
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In regards to calories, I would have thought the food not fattening as it contains no salt or sugar. my cat is on it because of medical reasons and hasn't put on weight, in fact has slimmed down a little, probably better than the usual high st cat food. All 3 cats love it, but not so keen on the dried.